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Chatzy Review

~ Pros ~

chatzy, ChatzyMany chat rooms to choose from

chatzy, ChatzyCheap membership

chatzy, ChatzySimple site design

chatzy, ChatzyYou can use the site as an anonymous

chatzy, ChatzyYou can create your own chat rooms too

~ Cons ~

chatzy, ChatzyDifficulty in finding some rooms

chatzy, ChatzyNo top lists feature available

chatzy, ChatzyLimited private messaging feature is all about chatting. This online chatroom makes it super-easy for anyone to join chatrooms for free and engage in anonymous chit-chat on any topic. Both members and non-members can join conversations and talk their heads off if they want to and the possibility of wandering in and joining interesting conversations is what makes Chatzy popular.

    Now, we spent a weekend exploring this online chatting platform. Here’s what we found and what you need to know.

Chat It Up With Chatzy! might well be the poster boy for dated site designs. What’s there is an atrocity and is as retro as sin. There’s no flash or class, with everything in view being as functional as a bullet to the head!

    To join up, you merely need to create a profile with your email account and then verify the link sent to your mail. The whole process took us a couple of minutes at most.

    You can also sign up via your social media accounts if you so wish. Members enjoy some privileges, but nonmembers can chat with anyone, send PMs and even enter private conversations if sent a link to same. Of course, you don’t have to join up, but it is more enjoyable that way. is all about anonymous chatting. Thus, once we signed in, there was no profile page for us to fill and brag about our accomplishments, nor were there profile pages of other users we could spy on. Once you have an account here, the only thing that will identify you is a username. Beyond that, you might as well be a ghost.

Chatting Eay With Chatzy

    Remember when we said that Chatzy was all about anonymous chatting? Because of that, people here are free to talk about just about anything without fear of being traced. Topics vary widely and range from news, sports and cooking, to sex, fetishes, and more sex. Chats are not censored and you are free to call anyone a crazy bat and remind them that their ancestors used to eat fried goat shit for Sunday supper!

    Now, all chat rooms in this chat site have differing rules. These are not hard to obey, but if you don’t like them you are of course free to create a room of your own and send out invites.

    Searching for rooms is performed by clicking the Find More Rooms tab. This leads to a search bar where you can search for terms like sex, hentai, beer, rotten pussy and whatever tickles your fancy.

    The most popular sex chat room here seems to be SEXCHATXXX and we poked our head into it for a little bit. The experience was rather interesting, with plenty of horny males and females trying to hookup.

Nothing Like A Free Lunch

    Like most chat sites, has a Premium membership plan that is for both users and rooms. Being a premium user costs up to three bucks a month, while premium rooms cost $10.99 for a fortnight, $16.90 for a month, $39.90 for three months and $129 for a year. Premium membership either for sites or rooms comes with some heavyweight advantages that are well worth the money.

What We Think

    The user interface here is dated and not the easiest to use. The lack of profile customization is a downer.

    However, with lots of rooms focused on XXX and cunt slurping, anonymized chats, and plenty of active users looking to talk their sorrows away, might just be the best boredom eraser on this green earth!