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ChatRoulette Review

~ Pros ~

You can enjoy anonymity

There are options to get a cyberbully banned

No registration process needed

~ Cons ~ 

❌ You can’t search for users

❌ You might face some cyber bullying


    If Russian roulette is a game that you either win or get your mind literally blown apart then I am hoping that this site named Chatroulette.com isn’t gonna either pair us with people that look like a work of art or people that’ll make us wanna take a gun and blow our dicks off. Only Time and The Porn Guy can tell.

    With this Chatroulette review, I’m here to enlighten y’all about this site that has been active since 2009 and has developed quite a reputation. If it sucks ass then I’m here with my trusty revolver to blow some brains out.

Hit Or Miss On Chatroulette?

    When this site was released to the public back in 2009, it was like the spread of crabs in a dorm full of horny guys and girls. Not even some of your favorite celebrities could resist the urge to get themselves on camera and paired with screaming fans that couldn’t believe they had an A-list celebrity virtually in their room that usually only have their splattered jizz as visitors every time they’re jacking their meat sadly in there.

    Ironically the site was started by a 17-year-old boy from Russia so there’s a huge chance you’re being spied on by some shady agents in black every time you get paired with someone. Shit, these agents could be having a jerk-off contest with other agents to see how many times you look vulnerable and pathetic while video chatting with someone that you just met online and have no idea if they’re serial killers with a fridge full of dicks.

    It has been a while since the site was created, so you can be rightly worried if you think that their standards have dropped drastically low. Perhaps that cameo from celebrities has been replaced by only being paired up with trolls or dudes that start the video chat with a full view of their hairy ball sacks? Well since I am in the line of fire right now, I am hoping not!

    As soon as I opened their site, the first thing they did was tell me to download their app version. That’s a great way to start for them because if they’ve got an app, that just means that they have been thoroughly tested for being a scam site. Since they are clean the only thing you’ll have to worry about are the trolls that are there solely for Cyberbullying and spreading abuse.

Anything Mind-blowing About Chatroulette?

    One of the first things things that I noticed is that none of my personal details were needed when I got on the site. I wasn’t asked to register or anything. Normally you would be asked for your gender, age, and all that crap that makes you feel like you’re being interviewed. But they just pretty much let me in without any queries since it seems to be a club for everyone.

    If you’re on a video chat with someone that starts to get a little annoying or someone that is harassing the tits out of you then you have some options that this site created to ease your suffering. You could simply opt for clicking on the “End” button and the call would be ended promptly after that, they’ll never pair you with the person again or you can report them to the site and they can have their account permanently banned.

    I can see that there are no other options for you if you’re getting sick of video chatting and would like to take the conversation to a messaging format. That is apparently against everything they stand for and you risk being punished by having 6 dildos rammed up your ass by the site. I don’t understand why they’re protecting the video calling format like it has some dirt on them or something. They can improve in this area if they wanna stay relevant.

    The majority of men and women on this site are in their 20s and 30s so you’ll be better served if you went to the mountains if you’re a man in search of a cougar. The girls that I met didn’t exactly look like they belonged in the Playboy mansion but if I was drunk enough, I think they could have a taste of my meat. So don’t come in here with high expectations if your game is to meet some baddie freak that’ll excite you right to the balls.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Chatroulette

    Chatroulette is one of the few good video chatting sites and my review today confirms it. I liked how simple it was to use the site without having to provide my government name and a sample of my jizz just to get to be registered. You might meet a few dickheads but the majority of folks online there are just genuinely curious random people that you might hit it off with. If you’re looking for the love of your life, this might not be a bad place to start. So yeah, Chatroulette gets a full recommendation from me!

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