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Chatropolis Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of chat rooms are available

You can create your own rooms

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Boring as shit site design

❌ Homepage filled with unnecessary info


    I don’t understand why Chatropolis was chosen as a name for an adult chat site. It’s all Greek to me! And the only connection I have to Greek culture is when the bad bitches in my life compare my jizz to Greek yogurt. And they’re not exaggerating either.

    With my Chatropolis.com review today, I’ll be checking out if this site has something valuable to offer our dicks apart from a name that belongs in a low-budget superhero movie that nobody wants to see for any reason. It better taste like Greek yogurt as well!

A Grand Sex Tour Of Chatropolis!

    Chatropolis is supposed to be a sex chatting site where you join chat rooms and possibly find yourself a lady that wants to hear all the sexy lies about how big your dick is and what you can do to her in bed if she was there at that moment. In reality, you know you would cum in your pants if y’all meet and she gives you a hug that you can’t even get from your own dear mother.

    The homepage isn’t exactly a work of art by Pablo Picasso. Although it does look like a dude dipped his dick in paint and designed it with no fucks given. The site isn’t designed to look like a modern one, instead, it looks like a forum for discussing politics with older men who are ready to stab you in your butt hole if your politics is different from theirs.

    Like I said before, chat rooms are here and they are bountiful. They all have different topics so you’re gonna find a herd of horny animals that you most closely fit in with. It’s not every room that is filled to the brim with activity. Some are like a house party where you arrive early and the only people there are the ones that should’ve never been invited in the first place if the party was supposed to be fun.

    On the homepage, they have a section named “Chatro News to Know”. I can assure you that you don’t need to know their news. It’s a bunch of crap that gets updated irregularly and half the time they’re writing shit that doesn’t have anything to do with getting to sex chat with a broad with big tits. Instead, there is a regular update on what the person running the site is watching on his TV. This was more torture than getting your asshole hair pulled one strand at a time.

The Anal Ruins Of Chatropolis!

    Since Chatropolis has been around since 1994, members would have had more than enough time to create so many chat rooms to suit the tastes and pervasions of the visitors to the site. I would count all of them for y’all but I’m not about to waste the energy I’m saving up for fucking a freaky big-titty bad bitch after this review for your sake. I estimate that there are up to 55 chat rooms. They are; Gang Bang, Latin Heat, or something more unique like Analopolis.

    Being a free member of this site is possible since they’re looking for more people to swell their numbers but they leave their sweeter features for those that have sweet cold cash to spray on the site’s creator’s thick asses. Paid membership can get you features like; customized user list color, technical support priority, uploading up to 3 images, being in up to 5 rooms at a time, and some more.

    It really pissed me off knowing that they offer technical support priority to paying members only. If these guys working as the support team moonlight as strippers then we should be warned about it first. If it takes money to make them move then imagine if these guys were working in retail and they made you have to wait in a longer annoying line just because you’re not paying for the benefit of their service.

    Anyway. I didn’t have any plans for paying for their subscription and that’s why I am ranting. For those amongst you who have money to splurge, you’ll likely be interested in how much their membership plans cost you. I’ve got you!
1 month is gonna cost you $12.95 every 30 days, 3 months would be $22.95 for 90 days, 6 months is gonna be $32.95 for 180 days, and finally, 1 year of subscription is worth $46.95 for 365 days.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Chatropolis

    I wasn’t super impressed with this site even though they have some commendable features. It’s like an old man who still wears his high school clothes just so he can feel as young as the youth. This site clearly should have been put to rest about 10 years ago or at the very least, they should’ve taken extra steps to modernize the site and make shit more exciting for us. It doesn’t get a recommendation from me but you can check it out yourselves to see if you feel different.

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