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ChatHub Review

~ Pros ~


Sweet site design

Multiple countries and language support

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No forum

❌ Lacks multiple chat rooms

❌ User options are too wack

❌ Everyone there seems to have a dick

❌ Paid members get the best experience


    If you are the talkative type, I reckon an adult chat site like ChatHub might be exactly what the cum doctor wrote in your prescription when you went to seek treatment for priapism! And even if you don’t have the ability to talk a mile a minute, you need to know that adult chat sites can be good for you in that they give you the chance to exercise your flirting skills and get trained on how to con them bitches out of their clothes and undies.

    Here is my ChatHub.cam review. Read it and weep in your bathtub while fucking the tub of lard that’s your sister-in-law!

The Only Authentic Hub Of Dripping Sluts!

    ChatHub has a modern and refreshing design. The site looks good enough to put a smile on your face and that smile better be a mouth-stretching one or you will have to answer to me!

    Atop the site homepage is an image of a smiling hunk seated on a couch and doing something with a laptop. This guy looks so happy I am sure Ariana Grande just sent him her wanking video and he’s even holding up two fingers in a victory sign, with that possibly meaning that he won the Euro millions lottery and can afford to hire Megan Thee Stallion for a night or two of dedicated debauchery and wet ass pussy beatdowns!

    Right where the right nipple of this fella should be is an option that asks that you identify yourself as a male, female, or couple. Once you are done choosing which of the 3 classes you belong to, you simply click the tiny box that says you agree with the site terms and conditions and then get to the serious business of chatting up a storm with some hopefully busty chicks who are in the mood to fall over themselves acquiescing to the depraved wishes of a confident and well-spoken man like yourself!

    Should you hold down the arrow button on your PC, you will quickly find that the site homepage contains varied colorful text that details all site features and user options. There are even instructions on how to install the ChatHub app, plus a small list of site rules. Stuffing all these explanations and rules into a FAQ page would have been the sensible option, but commonsense is an increasingly scarce commodity these days.

    Anyway, the ChatHub.cam homepage is mostly dope. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it looks miles better than a tight teen butt owned by a fresh-as-sin coed who has yet to bounce all night on a dick, but it does its job better than most.

Small Dick & Great Tits!

    So, once you choose the sex you identify as and tap the box that shows you are okay with the site terms and conditions, a new page loads up. You will then be required to choose a chat room. You can join the general chat room -which isn’t really a general chat room- if all you wanna do is run your mouth. But if you wanna flirt, you gotta go to the adult chat room. The adult chat room is not moderated and is only open to folks over 18. Plus the only discernible difference between the general chat room and the adult one is the extent of moderation.

    The first time I was in the adult chat room section, I could only get connected to random males. Since I wasn’t interested in folks with dicks, I decided to register with my Google account and start my adult chat journey afresh in hopes that registering would bring along options that would let me choose the sex of the people I would be connected to.

    However, I quickly learned that registering or not registering has no bearing on the people you end up chatting with. To gain a gender filter option, you gotta upgrade your membership plan from the free one you are on and this upgrade will set you back $14.99 monthly. Without this upgrade, there’s like a 99% chance that everyone you will be connected to on this adult chat site will be a male. Plus almost every male I met on ChatHub did not want to talk to a fellow male like me, nor did I want to talk to them unless they gonna let me see up the skirts of their sisters!

    So, every time I got connected to guys, I clicked a button to break the connection and get connected with someone new I hoped would be a female. Except that never happened. Yes, all through this review, I never saw a girl on ChatHub and it is either because all the cunts in the world have been taken to Valhalla for fallen Norse warriors to fuck to coma, or there are no females on this video chat site.

    Now, I was expecting something like a general chat room here where everyone could come together and talk about whatever mattered to them in the same place. Or even better, many rooms catering to specific niches and kinks that you could visit anytime you wanted. But stuff like that isn’t available at ChatHub and that’s majorly where this chat site fucked up.

    Chat options include being able to filter the fellows you chat with by language and country. You can also choose to only talk with people who have their camera and mike on and that it is.

What I Think Of ChatHub

    ChatHub is the perfect definition of beautiful nonsense. The sweet looks of this adult chat site does not make up for the severe lack of features and the even more severe lack of different chat rooms where fellas can gather in their numbers to talk about whatever they wish. Also, there's no forum or any means of adding site members as friends and reconnecting with them at a later date.

    The utility of a chat site like this is rather limited and there's a better chance of a pig flying from New York to heaven while laden down with bling than there is of my recommending it!

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