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CelebDeepFakes Review

~ Pros ~

122 pages of deepfakes


~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site features and user options

❌ No direct downloads

❌ No advanced search

❌ Shitty site looks


    Part of being a celeb means putting yourself out there and making yourself a sex symbol. And that means most of the world will be looking forward to seeing you nude, or will spend much of their time fantasizing about bending you over and giving you such a good fucking that your legs are gonna be permanently rubbery and incapable of supporting your weight!

    Now, some celebs are kind enough to constantly leak nudes and scantily clad images of themselves. Others release sex tapes and give us premium fapping material. Needless to say, there is some stuff some celebs will not do in the bedroom and show us that’s why we have deepfake videos! Via these videos, any celeb can be made to look and act like a professional and award-winning pornstar who knows all the tricks of the trade and can draw/fuck cum out of the Washington Monument!

    Here is my Celebdeepfakes.net review. Read it and weep because we are about to see your favorite celebs spreading it for zaddy!

Getting Into Celeb Coochie Made Easy!

    Can’t see what your favorite celeb looks like when there’s a cock the size of your arm deeper in her than even her gynecologist would ever dream of going? Then a celeb deep fake site is what you need to get your eyes open and your cock in an absolutely murderous cum-firing mood! Of course, all that deep fake XXX sites do is paste the face of celebs onto the faces of pornstars, but everything is done so well that it is very easy to pretend you are watching your favorite celeb get it on with boners that look like they should be fucking the exhaust of the space shuttle!

    So, Celebdeepfakes.net looks shitty. The site does not have enough class or style to fill a thimble halfway and the stuff on the homepage is not as well arranged as it should be. Yeah, the whole thing looks amateurish and that might be in fashion in the early 2000s, but for sure it is an eyesore today. Plus there’s far too much content on the homepage and the video thumbnails are so tiny you practically need binoculars to read their titles.

    You get a basic search bar atop the Celebdeepfakes.net homepage and there are a few tabs. The latest videos are on the left, with the most popular being on the right, along with a selection of tags and categories. There’s an About Us at the bottom of the homepage and it is okay enough.

    Home, Categories, Best Porn, Live Sex, Make Deepfakes, and Escort Girls are the main tabs, but all but the first two are direct links to porn sites and escort sites. Only 8 categories are featured in the Categories tab though and they are Hollywood, Indian Fakes, Korean, Music Artists, Social Media Celebs, Sports Personality, WWE Porn, and TV Artists Deepfake. The WWE XXX category has 18 videos and no, there’s no video of the Undertaker or Mr. McMahon fucking the gills, championship belts, and steroids out of WWE starlets and handing out piledriver orgasms!

Celebs On Celebrated Cunts!

    Like I said before, the latest and most popular videos are on the left and right of the Celebdeepfakes.net homepage. But on the Latest side of the screen is a pull-down menu that allows direct access to the most viewed, longest, and random stuff.

    Here are some of the most-viewed videos: Jenna Ortega's Nude Erotic Porn With Cum Swallow, Elizabeth Olsen Fucked Like Bitch In Kitchen, Olivia Dunne's Nude Porn Casting Video Leaked, Naked Zendaya Interracial Fucking Porn Deepfake, Nude Kylie Jenner Makes Porn Debut, Scarlett Johansson Nude Passionate Sex In The Bedroom, Nude Allison Rae Fucks Like A Slut and MILF WWE’s Charlotte Flair Jerking Stepson. The latter had 123K views at the time of this review, plus a runtime of less than 12 minutes.

    The Charlotte chick was thin and in rather good shape, and her titties are some of the fullest that ever dangled before my eyeballs. She was dressed in a white gown and later went topless while jerking a cock and letting it fuck the cum valley between her jugs. Would have loved to see how much her cunt could stretch to accommodate troublesome cocks!

    Who’s in the mood to spend 13:55 minutes watching a chick who looks disconcertingly like Zendaya getting double penetrated? Y’all down for that? Okay then!

    The video in question is titled Zendaya Nude Interracial Gangbang Double Penetration. The action began with a slim chick in lingerie shaking what her mama gave her and it wasn’t much, to be honest. Woe to all stingy mamas!

    The Zendaya lookalike then kicked off the hardcore action by fucking her asshole with a huge rubber dildo and a while later a trio of men show up and began gaping her holes. For sure this bitch was used to all that and you gotta see the way she was twerking on them dicks. I guess the cocks in her were not big enough to be a cause for concern, mainly because anacondas have been her meal of choice ever since puberty whacked her across the face!

    Now, a good number of the videos here are full-length. Videos are undated though and the content update frequency is unknown. Plus while no playback issues were experienced during this review, playback options are near zero and you can’t even adjust the playback quality. In fact, there’s no indication of what the playback quality is, but it seems to be around 480p or HD. And oh, there’s nothing like direct downloads here.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Celebdeepfakes

    Well, this place has none of the spit and polish that I love to see. But it does have 122 pages of celeb-focused deep fakes and a lot of the stuff is over 10 minutes.

    I can’t recommend this place. But it is worth a look-see and a do cum!

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