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Cat3Movie Review

~ Pros ~

Truly attractive site design

Videos are also in HD

There is a sizable collection of smut

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll have to fight Ads


    I don’t know where the name of this site was inspired but I do know that I need about 3 pussies in my face and then we can make a movie of the X-rated sort for our private viewing.

    I’m here today to deliver my Cat3movie.org review for all you cum guzzling perverts who can’t help but beat your meat to old-school smut for whatever reason that you know best. Stick around!

Porn For Old Cats!

    While I was taking time to take in their homepage design like an artist looking at a work of art I was hit right in the balls with an Ad that came out of thin air. I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t a good look for this site. I was shown “Congratulations! $300,000 is ready for you”, and that for me has to be the most annoying Ad ever. First impressions matter and if this site was a bitch that I wanted to meet for a date, I would act presidential, grab her by the pussy, and fling her to the past where she belongs.

    Trying to get the Ads out of my face was mission impossible because as soon as I clicked cancel, another one popped up telling me I got a virus on my device and that I should do a scan with them. The runners of Cat3movies would definitely need an anal scan by the time I’m done destroying their asses with my dick that was built for delivering pure pleasure to the sexy ladies and for punishing site owners that wanna show me visual STDs through Ads.

    After choking the Ads, and not in a sexy way, I could finally take in the design of the homepage like I originally intended to do without any distractions. But now I am too pissed off to give it an unbiased review so I’ll be going outside to take some deep breaths.

    I’m back now and I gotta say, this is a real treat of a homepage. It comes in a black theme with hints of yellow to calm me down since I was seeing red a moment ago.

    For a vintage site, they went out of their way to deliver a truly modern-styled design that is just enough to get my dick up. They go out of their way to look classy as hell. Instead of just writing “search here” as every normal site would, they went overboard by writing “What keywords make you happy? What movie inspires you?”. I’m not complaining though, as long as I can spray my bodily fluid to the site then it’ll all be worth it.

Fisting Cat3movies Till It Spills!

    Immediately under the search icon is a section called “new movies”, I had to chuckle a little bit because none of the movies they show below look any way new. From what I can see, these videos here aren’t those types that are shot in some abandoned building with a bed and 2 horny people. Instead, they look like professionally made movies that were the pride and joy of whichever old pervert was directing them.

    Under that section, there’s another called; Top Movies. I can see porn movies here that were made in 2022 and even earlier. I thought I’ll only be seeing vintage smut but the site’s owners clearly don’t believe that they’ll have a lot of visitors cumming to their site for only old cunts and dicks. I am gonna check out both their old stuff and new shit to be sure that they aren’t both the same video quality that belongs in the past.

    The modern film comes first of course, so I clicked on one that has an attractive thumbnail called “Bula”. It was about a horny perverted woman who owns a laundry shop and uses her client’s clothes to wank herself off until a policeman is hot on her tail. It was HD so I will give it to this site for not failing in that aspect. It was also up to 1 hour 44 minutes so it felt like watching a real movie.

    I saw the option to watch a porn movie that was made in 1954, so I made sure that wasn’t the one I’ll be watching. I want to watch vintage porn, not ancient coitus. So I went for the “The Wicked Reporter 2: The Rebirth Of Horserace Betting”. Thankfully it was made in 1994. It is about a yakuza member fucking the daylights out of a broad. I didn’t stick around to follow the story. The video wasn’t exactly HD but it was clear enough.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Cat3movie

    Even though this site markets itself as a site for vintage porn I was a little turned on to see some modern porn movies as well. They don’t have a lot of short videos that are made by amateurs. Instead, they have professionally shot stuff that is like feature films. Fighting Ads was definitely a low point on this site though but they have a huge collection of smut so that was another win in my book. Overall, I believe this porn site can be recommended.

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