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CaramelBBW Review

~ Pros ~

They have a lot of content

Largely free of Ads

Easy to navigate

~ Cons ~

❌ Overload of boring content


    Have an eyeful of my caramelbbw.com review if you’re trying to get intimate with the BBW porn site. I’ve always liked Caramel beauties with big fat butts and tits as huge as a skyscraper, and that’s what made me the number one choice for reviewing this site today. So, this site is about to have an Audition, and my huge meat is gonna be the judge.

    So, if you’re in need of vital info regarding this site that could save your wank then put down the lotion and grab a reading glass or whatever the fuck is gonna assist you as we check out this site together.

BBW Content With Caramel On Top!

    I got on the site and saw that their background color reflected their focus on caramel BBW. Almost everything was in either brown or black. I was enjoying the aesthetics until I looked up at their site logo. Instead of the logo being supported by maybe a cartoon version of a naked BBW with her tits out, I saw a cartoon version of a hot dog and a burger beside their logo. I’m not sure if they’re trying to let us know the secret ingredients behind the creation of a BBW who they’re so horny for and ready to post all over their site.

    They had a lot of thumbnails showing caramel women but there were other types of women there. Yes, the other women were still BBW if you were dying to know. The thumbnails didn’t lead to a video. Instead, they lead to a category for whatever porn niche tickles your balls in the right way. I saw niches like; Lesbian, Creampie, Homemade, Fat, Interracial, Big tits, Anal, Double Penetration, Latina, Cum In Mouth, etc. I would have liked to check out their videos but the time for that hadn’t cum yet.

    At the bottom of the homepage, there was a section showing all their categories in alphabetical order without any thumbnail this time. If you continue going down you will be shown another section for other free sites. There were about 40 of the free sites and I didn’t know this site would be so serious about being a pimp for other porn sites. I had reached the southernmost tip of the homepage and the only thing left to read was all that legal shit that is meant for lawyers to read and jerk off to while on their site.

    There was no menu to look at but there was a little icon on the page for changing languages. They had a lot of languages but they were mostly European languages. The only diverse languages I could see there were Chinese and Korean. After checking out the language options, my job on their homepage was finally all done and I was ready to unsheath my long dick because I was planning on going deeper than ever into this site without any protection at all.

Searching For A Big Beautiful Wank!

    If I was going deeper into the site then I needed a category that screamed “deep" and that’s how I ended up deep in their anal category. I wanted to see if their BBW anal content was enough to excite the jizz out of my balls. I was taken to another page that showed me their most popular anal videos. There was an option to check out their latest or the longest videos they had. I looked at the thumbnails of the videos they had in the category and none looked appealing. They all looked like they were filmed in a dirty garage.

    So, what I did was close that category and kept the search up for a category that aligns with the desires of my dick. Their Latina section was my new playground when I found it. It felt good seeing thumbnails of big beautiful Latinas getting fucked in all kinds of ways by caramel dicks. The only issue I had with the section was the addition of videos that didn’t belong to the section. They had about 3 pages of Latina content and I had to find the right porn video to eye-fuck.

    I found the right video to check out and it was a fake reality show where the guy goes around town looking for Women to fuck. As I clicked to watch the video I was taken to another porn site hosting the video. So, we can see that watching videos means that you will have to pray that the new site they take you to doesn’t spray you with all their Ads before you get to watch whatever smut you wish to see. But, my video choice loaded easily enough.

    I made sure to check out more videos that they had because my meat specifically requested it and because I wanted to feel the site some more. The site feels old school but if you open your heart to it then you’ll find it easy to use. Their content is sometimes questionable but they stay true to their mission of delivering BBW smut. Not once did I see a skinny girl in any thumbnail. So, the site might appeal to true fans and addicts of big beautiful women.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Caramelbbw

    Caramelbbw isn’t a perfect BBW site but it’s decent enough for me not to hate. While the site might look generic, some of their content is what makes the difference. They have both amateur and professional content and that’s the kind of diversity you need to jerk off sometimes. There also wasn’t a lot of Ads in my face all the time I was on their site. So naturally, that gets some praise for me. The site also gets a recommendation from me.

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