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Camarads Review

~ Pros ~

The video resolution is 1080p

~ Cons ~

❌ Limited payment methods

❌ All the best live cams are for premium subscribers

❌ Time zone difference might be an issue


    It’s the 21st century and the perverts have finally taken over! Camarads might just be the solution to the issue that peeping toms everywhere have been praying for on their knees when they aren’t too busy jerking off their cocks while watching that old granny across the street gardening and pulling out weeds in a seductive way.

    Camarads.com better not have any fucking ads in it as its name suggests or I’ll just have to shoot some adrenaline into my already hard dick and fuck the site from now until it taps out.

    So join me, we’ll be taking a peep into this site to see if it’s worth you pulling your meat out for.

Camarads Or CamarASS?

    The first thing you’ll notice on their page is that they’re aggressively trying to get you to try out their 3-day trial offer. They say it’s only for $2.99 and you’ll be able to unlock all the secret features of Camarads. With this level of marketing, I wanna be able to see into Riley Reid’s gaping pussy while she’s sleeping or they can shove this offer up their mom’s asshole.

    When you look down from there on that same homepage, you will inevitably notice the Live Cam that they’re forcing on you even though you didn’t click on it. That to me is as useful as a horse’s fart in a jar. Who are they to assume or guess what The Porn Guy in all his magnificence wants to introduce his 12-inch meat to? I’ve got that adrenaline ready but I’ll give them some more chances to impress me.

    The section for live cam was madly disappointing because you’ll see thumbnails of the latest action these models have done. No, that wasn’t what boiled my piss. What really boiled my piss was the fact that they display 2 little video icons; red and green. Any model with a green video icon is meant for free users and most of the time these models are constantly missing from the live stream and instead, we’ll get to be jerking off to their room decor or their plants growing in the corner.

    The thumbnails that have the red video icon clearly show that this is where the party is at and if you aren’t a paying premium member, you’ll be dragged by your nut sacks away from there without any hesitation. The thumbnails show mostly couples or a solo girl having a session with their private parts and naturally this is what I expected to find abundantly when I came to this site.

Rad Or Not on Camarads?

    Speaking of being a premium member, you’ll have to slide your credit card from inside your wife’s hairy pussy because you’re gonna be needing it if you even dream of having access to the special features that they don’t offer to the commoners.

    Would the features be worth it? If you’re the type that doesn’t wanna watch these bitches doing their dirty laundry or cooking when you would rather see them fingering themselves with their longest fingers, then it might just be for you.

    30 days of subscription goes for $29.90, 90 days would cost $74.70 and 180 days would be $119.40. If that feels a little like marrying a girl before getting to taste her pussy with your dick then the site offers that 3-day trial that I already told you about above. But be warned weary wanker, because if you don’t cancel your trial subscription in time, you will be charged $29.90 every month until you end up living on the streets.

    They do not have a lot of options for payments as other sites I’ve been on in the past. I came in here expecting to see a cryptocurrency payment method since most peeping toms are truly shady fucks that would most likely prefer to pay through crypto. They only support Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Discover, and Maestro. You know, the regular ones.

    You’re gonna notice that a lot of these models are Eastern European so that might be a bit limiting if you expected the models to dirty talk to themselves while they are self-fucking or whatever. It’ll also annoy the hairs right off your balls when you realize that you aren’t in the same time zone as them and when you’re in need of a wank, the models would be sleeping with all their clothes on and not with their thighs spread wide open for our sakes.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Camarads

    I feel like I spent a chunk of the valuable time I could have been using to shoot my jizz up the pussy of the ladies that I have on speed dial for when I am even the slightest bit horny. With my Camarads review, it’s clear that this was a gigantic waste of my time and there is no Camaraderie to be found between me and this site. If it’s not their ultra-boring free live streams or the fact that they only have models from a few countries, you’ll definitely find what will make you want to cut off your own dick and be free from this site for good. I wouldn’t recommend this site even if I was bribed with a thousand pussies!

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