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BoundHub Review

~ Pros ~

boundhub, BoundHubHas a really helpful community of BDSM lovers

boundhub, BoundHubLots of porn videos and photos

boundhub, BoundHubPreviews are enabled

boundhub, BoundHubLots of categories

boundhub, BoundHubGood quality porn

~ Cons ~ 

boundhub, BoundHubSite design is poor

boundhub, BoundHubNot easy to go around site

boundhub, BoundHubNo way to identify video sources

    Ready for what could be a very interesting time over at Want to dive into a world of sweet pain and get bound and gagged like a thief in a third world country, before being whipped and getting your member sucked so hard it aches? Then sites like BoundHub are the perfect place where you can achieve your destiny.
Kindly read on as we go through all that BoundHub is all about.

Bound And Loving It!

    Back in the days, BDSM was something that happened in the attic or basement and was hidden away from view. These days it has changed from a fringe activity to a mainstream one and this has propelled the rise of sites like BoundHub.

    BoundHub is a free site, but you can register and become a member if you want to tap into all that this BDSM-focused site brings to the table. The Bound Hub homepage looks good and features a black background. It is not as classy or stylish as XVideos or PornHub, but that is OK.

    The site menu bar at the top of the homepage is a comprehensive affair and atop it is the site logo and a search bar. The aforementioned site menu bar has tabs like Home, Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Albums, Categories, Sites, Models, Playlists, Channels, Community, Date, Cams, and Upload. The last is meant for members only, while the Date and Cam tab lead you third party sites like and Kinky Path.

    The rest of the tabs on the menu bar does not take you out of Bound Hub. The Community tab, for example, lets you connect with a community of BDSM lovers on the site, with the Channels tab letting you make picks out of the host of featured channels like Submissed Femdom,, Brutal Castings, Sexual Disgrace, Submissed Maledom and Glove Over Mouth.

    The Categories tab has an extensive list of options too. There you will see thumbnails of BDSM categories like Nylon, Vibrators, Maledom, Classic Bondage, Lezdom, Amateur Bondage, Self Bondage, and Lezdom. To the right of the category page is a list of the top sites and models. This top listing appears on all tabs on the homepage, bar the Playlist and Community tabs. This can be very helpful whenever you need to know the best performers and sites you need to devote your cumming attention to.

Bound In Cumming Love

    We seem to have forgotten to mention that the site homepage has a host of hi-res video thumbnails. These are in sections, with the Most-Watched category at the top, followed by the Newest Videos category. Video previews are possible by hovering a mouse cursor on the video thumbnails. We checked out the titles in the Newest Video category and found items like Indian Girl In Sari Chloroformed, Wenona Topless Tied, Asian MILF Encased and Samantha Grace Hogtie.

    Each video thumbnail has tags that show its number of views, its run time and its approval rating. Once you click on a video thumbnail you can see who submitted it and when, report it, screenshot it and share it. Members can comment their impressions of videos and rate it if they are feeling charitable.

    Video lengths vary, though most are at the short end of the stick. As for video quality, that is more than acceptable.

What We Think

    This site has a boatload of features that make for an amazing experience, plus minimal ads, and lots of content. We only wish it had a more polished site design, but overall cannot fault it too much.