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BootyExpo Review

~ Pros ~

You can download their videos

It is free to watch content here

They have lots of content available

~ Cons ~

❌ All types of Ads might drive you nuts


    Come check out my bootyexpo.net review where we’ll be having serious discussions that are important for the planet and your dick. These discussions are about a porn site for checking out videos of black women with asses you can jump on and ride into the wind like your trusty steed.

    If you know The Porn Guy then you already know I have a lot of love for black porn sites but I also have a lot of hate for terrible sites. So, today we’re gonna see if this site is worthy of love or if it should fuck off from all of our sights.

Expose All Your Booties To Me!

    I got on the homepage of the site but I was kept from seeing anything because I had to confirm that I am 18 years old or else they’d probably cancel access and send an elite team of ball busters to make sure I wasn’t trying to enter the site again. Yeah, that’s not what is gonna happen, these sites just add that question because the law makes them do it. It would tickle their balls with happiness if anyone got on the site to watch some porn.

    I clicked on yes to verify I am 18 and that was all that was needed to get this site to open its legs wider than the sluttiest slut in the Wild West. The site came in that white background color that makes it look like some perverted guy shot his load all over the whole site. Yeah, upon closer inspection I had come to see that this site was probably designed by a guy that was offered half a sandwich and some shoestrings.

    The thumbnails were small for some reason but they certainly got my attention with all the big asses that were on my screen. I’m not talking about cute little plumpy asses here, I’m talking about asses that look like they’ll feel like a waterbed when you’re fucking from the back. Not a single ass looked small and I was starting to think this site and I might just become best friends after this review. I might have to come back for a personal review of the asses here.

    One thing I hated about the site was how it was constantly taking me to pages filled with Ads as I tried to look around. So, imagine you wanna look at the menu and you’re immediately taken to an Ad for dick enlargers. I was starting to give up on looking at their menu. The pain in trying to get it to open was like trying to take food from a greedy fat person or trying to take a hard dick away from Mia Khalifa.

    The section named ‘Videos Being Watched’ was the first one they showed to me before the section for seeing their newest content. Sure, asses are the main course on this site but once in a while you’ll be able to see videos like “Latina Sucking BBC” and “Pretty pussy”. Still, the overwhelming majority of content here had a thumbnail with a woman sticking her voluptuous butt to seduce all of us who are browsing.

No Big Booty Gets Left Behind!

    I finally got into the menu after trying more times than I can count. I saw options for logging in and signing up. Signing up might just be what you need to do if you want to submit a video on the site. I saw that option for submitting a video in the menu and I’m wondering if there was gonna be a cumming committee of chief fappers that’ll judge if your video gets uploaded or if they’ll hate your video so much that you’ll be exiled from their site.

    Their categories were the next place for me to check out to see what the site was about. I didn’t wanna waste any more time before going to watch their videos. You would too, if you saw the amount of big booties that were in my face as soon as I got on the site. It was the closest feeling to being at a strip club. The categories there were pretty regular. You would see categories like; Ass, Big ass, Anal, Big Tits, etc.

    I found the right video for me and I clicked on it like it was gonna disappear from my view. It started playing and began with a curvy bad bitch giving us a full view of her ass as she was in a bathroom. The first part of the video was in slow-mo but that is just what I needed because I wanted to see every bit of her ass jiggling as she was shaking it. I liked that there was an option for downloading the video as well.

    The next video worthy of my meat had a bad bitch with an even bigger ass. She was getting fucked by a guy that looked like he was trying coke for the first time. He looked hooked on her ass as he was feeling every inch and corner of it. I don’t blame him though. If it were me, I’d spread my bedsheet and sleep on that ass every night and day. Thankfully, the video was in HD just like 80% of the content I’ve seen on the site.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Bootyexpo

    Bootyexpo was one of those sites that talk big and delivered big bouncy asses like it said it would. I may have found the intrusive Ads to be annoying but with a good enough Adblocker, you might get to wank in peace like you wanted. The videos weren’t super long but they had a lot of viral content like those from OnlyFans models who look very fuckable. I will be back to this site soon again and that’s why it gets a recommendation from me!

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