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Boodigo Review

~ Pros ~

boodigo, BoodigoHell yeah! It is free to use

boodigo, BoodigoYour search is protected. Your identity as well

boodigo, BoodigoWorks all good with mobile devices

boodigo, BoodigoIt’s like the unfiltered google, Pretty wicked concept

boodigo, BoodigoThe search brings up blogs, vids, images, webpages, everything really

boodigo, BoodigoYou can select to search web, tumblr, blogspot, clips4sale

~ Cons ~

boodigo, BoodigoThe search page is a little simple and boring, i guess like google

boodigo, BoodigoAnnoying ad’s to the right of the screen after you search something

boodigo, BoodigoSome links are sponsored god dammit

    I hope, we all sometimes try to do something new with our lives. The same way, this adult website tries to add a little twist to its contents while they are merely a 3rd party offering a free service. I am talking about Boodigo. If you don’t know, what is Boodigo, then you need to read the total content.

    The is a kind of adult entertainment search engine. The Boodigo search engine provides results from Web, Tumblr, Blogspot, and Clips4Sale. But the result is always porn or adult entertainment related.

    The website is designed in a stable manner. The homepage is clean and only a few options are present. You can select the search results sourced from Web, Tumblr, Blogspot, and Clips4Sale and use your keywords to find something. They will come up with something, that may or may not be related to your question.

    Another good part is the adaptation of Encrypted Search. It’s a built-in service that you can turn on and off from he homepage while you are searching. If you turn the option on, your history will be encrypted, thus no-one can find any activity regarding this website in your browser’s history.

    If you like to perform a boodigo search you need to visit the boodigo website. Though on the man page, they did not show any ads, but it’s just a mask.

    After you perform a search, on the result page, you will be become swarmed by having 10-12 ads, including gifs, still and video ads. There are too many ads on the search page, including video ads, which will consume your data and time fast. You may use the adblocker for blocking the ads, but it will reduce the site’s performance.

    After you get the search result, you need to click on the provided links to visit the content. Since they are just a 3rd party hosting site you may come across some known or some sketchy websites. So, visit the links carefully.

    If your ISP or county blocks this search engine, you need to use a good VPN, thus you can unblock boodigo website.

    The mobile site is also responsive and loads fast, so there is no need for a boodigo app download. But If you want, you can do that, and let your smartphone be covered by adult ads.

    For my boodigo review, I can say it’s a good approach for a search function for adults, which you can realistically also do with Google. It would be really nice if there was more sites like boodigo, who dont display so many fucking ad’s!