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BoobPedia Review

~ Pros ~

It’s the Wikipedia of boobs

You can post porn articles

Site has twitter and Instagram feeds for users to follow

Lots of directories of porn stars with big boobs

Has sections on enhanced tits

Shows the best pornstars with their awards

~ Cons ~

❌ Doesn’t use HTTPS encryption

❌ Some pages are empty

❌ The porn material is limited


    Women’s biggest and most powerful assets are often their breasts. These juicy bags have entrapped men on the regular and make them slaves whose every waking moment is filled with the desire to pop a nipple into their mouth and suck away like starved puppies!

    Are you boob addicts like us? Like to see them merrily bouncing around on a female chest, with their nipples trying to poke holes in the clothing? Then a site like Boobepdia.com is the perfect destination for your dirty mind. Think of it as a Wikipedia of sorts, only rather than collating useless info, it has an extensive database of just about all the big boobed women to ever walk the earth!  

This site has been active from the year 2006 and since then has cataloged more mammaries than there are cubes of sugar at the local Walmart! Here’s our site review.

The Boob Of The Matter

    Want to take a stroll into Boobpedia.com? Well, you first have to click on a box that says you are at least 18 years of age. That way, if you see things on the site that makes your cock drool liquid like a runaway tap, you won’t be able to hold anyone responsible!

    We were expecting all the flashing lights in the world and some enormous mammaries squirting juices, but Boobpedia doesn’t have any of that. The site design is near as bare as a desert and in fact, looks a little like Wikipedia itself.

    Talking of Wikipedia, there are lots of similarities between Boobpoedia and Wikipedia. For one, content on Boobpedia just like in Wikipedia are compiled and posted by members who do this because they are passionate about it.

    The boobs on show here belong to girls of all stripes, from babes next door and MILFs to celebrities and sports stars. So long as a babe has the kind of mammaries that make a dick stand up with eagerness, you are likely to see her profile on the site.

    Stark and colorless it might be, the Boobpedia homepage shows some intelligent design. At the top, you get the Discussion, History, Main Page and View Source tabs and to the left are links to a FAQ, search bar, pages, categories and more.

    A few categories are listed near the top of the page, from Adult Models and Asian to BBW, Celebrities, MILF and D Cup. The rest of the page has links to interesting content like Booby Dancers, friends of Boobpedia and options to create articles.

    The very top right of the page has a login option. This is however so tiny it could be easily missed.

Boob Or Perish!

    To get this review properly underway we clicked the Browse Categories option that is to the left of the page. This had a full page of categories listed from A to Z. There can be found categories like Adult Models, Amazons, Black, Hourglass, South Asian, Small Nipples and just about every bra cup size.

    Clicking the Small Nipples category took us to a page of babes with small nipples. Names like Aimee Bryant, Lucy Pinder, Whitney Sarka, and Busty Winona were mentioned. Clicking the latter name brought us to a short bio of this adult star, plus varied off-site links to her content.

    Not satisfied we headed back to the category page and picked out another category. This was Missile Boobs!

    We were still expecting to get taken to galleries upon galleries filled with enchanting boob pics, but that did not happen. Instead, we were transported to a page filled with the names of performers who boast missile boobs. Clicking on this revealed mostly comprehensive bios of some of these ladies, plus links to their content.

    These bios appear to have been copy-pasted from Wikipedia, with topless photos replacing the fully clad ones in the Wikipedia article.

What We Think

    The site design is as basic as a block of wood and the endless pages full of boob pics and porn we were expecting proved to be a bust. We honestly can’t see how this site can be useful, unless it involves providing purloined bios and links to off-site XXX content users can fap to.

    Overall, we are not very impressed with Boobpedia.com and neither should you.

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