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    Boners are loners on the regular, or so says ThePornGuy and for sure I got more boner lore and fact in me than a continent full of BBC carriers could ever manage! Hell, far as I am concerned, the only time boners get company is when you fuckers feel your balls growing heavy and slap enough Vaseline into your right hand to drown a rat, before grabbing ahold of your one-eyed lump of bone like you mean to permanently readjust its structure and composition!

    And oh, times sure are getting interesting, because I could almost swear that there are boners with their own pages, private yachts, and that kind of stuff! Just ask Bonepage for an explanation if you can’t figure out what I am talking about!

    Here’s my Bonepage.com review, fellas. Read and weep while you whip that boner in your hand into a cumming gallop!

Throw Her A Bone She Can Use Like A Peehole Cone!

    Bonepage is an adult classified site. The name makes hella sense, because such sites are typically full of horny men who have nothing but oversized boners they wanna see accommodated in some very tight holes! So yes, this site is a place for boners in cumming quantities!

    Now, this adult classified site has a simple and elegant look. The homepage is not overly crammed with content, and what’s there is quite helpful. There’s even explanatory text about what the site is all about and there can never be too much of that. Tabs are featured too, and the site logo is a classy something with a bone in it, with this bone looking quite a bit like a bleached dick. It better not be that PornDude’s dick, though I am told his is green and boasts a permanently attached electrode!

    Home, About, Sex Ads, Tips & Advice, Live Chat, Webcams, and Dating form the main tabs here. The About tab takes you on a tour of the site, with the Sex Ads tab introducing you to the adult dating and escort ads section. Topics like Girls of Bonepage at AVN, How To Write A Sex Ad, and Escorts vs. Prostitutes can be found in the Tips & Advice section, and that’s appreciated. But there’s not much stuff there and the content update frequency is atrocious, to put it mildly.

    Free online chats are available when you click the Live Chat option here. But at the time of this review, only 8 folks were chatting live online. Impressive it ain't! The Live Webcams tab does what it says and there are options to chat for free with a variety of chicks from different genres, ranging from black to coeds. Clicking on the provided link will however take you to Imlive. So, if you were thinking you were gonna chat on a webcam with a horny Bonepage member, you better perish the thought right quick!

    Last but not least is the Datings tab. It has a pull-down menu containing two options- No Strings Sex and Black Women. The way this works, you are supposed to click on No Strings Sex if you wanna bone some horny twats on Bonepage. And yeah, the Black Women option supposedly lets you hook up with ebony babes. But clicking that option will take you to a page that’s filled with text praising black ladies and talking about how to meet black women in your community and the benefits of interracial dating and relationships. Dunno about y’all, but that’s cringey.

The Bone Game Is To Spread Legs

    The US has for quite a while been the center of the fucking universe and that’s why a lot of adult classified sites focus on it, while paying the rest of the world less mind than you would a cupful of rat piss! Bonepage.com unsurprisingly covers every US state. The UK and Australia are supported, but not to the same extent.

    If you are in Sydney, New South Wales, escort ad titles like Good Girl 4 U Only, Gorgeous and Petite Mixed Race Bombshell, Smokin’ Hot Spinner Girl Loves To Ride and Pretty Little Angel are there to give you a hella welcome! And should you want body rubs, cam girls, strippers, dates, and escorts of practically any sex, that too is available. The only issue is that escorts and dates on this site cannot be sorted by age, body type, and that kind of thing.

    Don’t want your pecker erect in Sydney? Then come to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Adult classifieds there have titles like Sexy Honey, 29-Year Old Lady Seeking Secret Rendezvous, Wanting Slightly Older Gentlemen, Single Female Wants To Explore Fetishes, and Chubby Chick Looking For A Guy Who Can Handle Me! Read these kinds of ads in detail though and check out the typical single image attached to them and you might quickly get a boner to hammer a nail into your bedroom door with!

    Now, there does not seem to be any provision for verifying adult classifieds on this site. What that means is that a large proportion of the ads you are seeing might well be scams. Another thing I wanna talk about is that there are adult classifieds here that show up in different countries. Like while searching for escorts in Tucson, you might see a particular adult classified and also see the same classified in the search results for escorts and dates in Australia. For real that’s a scam and y’all better not fall for them cheap tricks.

    And oh, you can post adult classifieds for free on Bonepage. But before you can do that, you gotta log into your free account. And at the moment, options for setting up accounts here seem to have been disabled. That means you can only post classifieds if you previously registered here.

    But then, the classifieds on this site are accessible to all, whether registered or not. So, the only tangible benefit to getting a membership card seems to be the ability to post adult ads and that’s not much of a biggie in my opinion. Especially since all you wankers wanna do is fuck chicks you meet online and don’t have the time to be posting adult ads that your neighborhood pastor might stumble across one day and read aloud at the next Sunday sermon!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Bonepage

    Bonepage ticks several boxes and delivers adequate services. This site will never be a top-tier performer, but it is okay enough and worth a bookmark.

BonePage, BonePage

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