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BobVoyeur Review

~ Pros ~

Potent collection of amateur smut

Motherfuckers have an active forum and live cam site

~ Cons ~

❌ Very wack site design

❌ Wack user options and site features

❌ Not entirely free


    Everyone is an amateur when it comes to sex, till they are given an opportunity to fuck their crush, at which point they turn into freaks the devil should be scared of! How many of your crushes did you see nude, impale and gave a brain-resetting fuck? If they were more than 5, I sure would love to shake your hand and see if that cock of yours needs a crown on it, plus a movie deal!

    Now, amteur porn sites are a dime a dozen and BobVoyeur is competing in a very crowded arena. BobVoyeur does not hold back when it comes to amateur XXX and there are things you might see there that you will be forced to scrape off your eyeballs for the sake of your sanity!

    Here is my BobVoyeur.com review. Read it and weep if Bob’s your uncle and there’s no better place you would love to see me than between Santa’s butt cheeks!

Bob’s A Rigid Fucker!

    Well, BobVoyeur.com does not have the most welcoming of sites. Before you can get in, you have to click on a box that states you are of legal age and all that crap and that’s so outdated and useless.

    The first shock comes when you notice that the site is all in French and there are seemingly no obvious language options to change this to English or whatever else your native language might be. The second shock hits hardest and it has to do with the site design, layout, and color, which is so subpar it feels like an outdated joke.

    There are actually language options here, with three languages- English, French, and Russian- supported. The issue is that the language option takes some figuring out. Rather than have a language menu at the top of the homepage like any sensible fucker would place it, BobVoyeur snuck theirs at the left of the homepage and just below the login options.

    The language menu here consists of a trio of flags and hovering your cursor over them lets you know which flag is Russian, which is the UK and which is France. A click on any of these flags will then translate all onscreen messages, options, and prompts into the chosen language and this is one fucked-up site option that’s been made harder than it needs to be.

    Anyway, the site is all dolled up in light blue and white and is as colorless as a plate of plain rice served in the prison yard. Be sure to ignore how horrible this site looks, or you are gonna get so angry you fuck yourself in the ass with an electric saw by mistake!

    User options here consist of Home, Archives, Forum, Search, Links, Contact Bob, Wiki, More, and TOS tabs, and on the left side of the screen are options to check out different types of photos and videos, upload photos and try out the BobVoyeur mobile version. TOS is shorthand for Terms and Conditions and the More tab lets you check out a trio of dating sites. The Wiki option takes you to an insecure encyclopedic entry, while the Contact Bob option makes it possible to get in touch with the site admin, who does seem to be named Bob and might have balls I might need to bob in my backyard water tank!

    So, the Links tab has links to varied XXX sites, the Forum tab lets you explore a very active site forum, the Search bar enables profile, photo, and video searches and the Archives tab has stuff from 2003 to 2022. Pity it ain’t a time machine though, or I would have used it to go back, sock Elon Musk in the balls and buy enough Bitcoin to retire to the moon for the rest of my days!

Random Fucker Bob Gets Cunt-Gagged!

    BobVoyeur.com is by no means one of the most intuitive sites. And better forget all about the admin here being named Bob, because I am almost sure that fella is actually a grumpy old lady who’s out there trying her damnedest to make our lives as hard as possible.

    Anyway, there’s a very descriptive About Us near the homepage bottom that does a good job of educating cock bearers and slit owners. In this, Bob says his site is all about user-submitted amateur and voyeur content and asks those who want to register and submit their photos and fuck videos to do so on the double and fuck the cake mixer while at it! Above the About Us is a selection of popular search terms like Shaved Pussy, Orgasm, Mature, Throat Fuck, and Ass Fucking, and above this is a search bar for searching through photos and videos by keywords.

    So, the XXX stuff here occupies the white section of the homepage and is divided into sections, with BobTV, Webcam Chat, Female and Couple Photos, Female and Couple Videos, Certified Females and Couples, Male Photos and Videos, and the Best Photos being the supported sections. There’s no Load More option or the like to load more of these sections. Instead, each section name is a link that should be clicked to see more content from that specific section.

    The Best Photos section for example ran to 6 pages and had some pretty good content, with most being wallpaper-worthy. From there I moved to the Female and Couples videos section, which had titles like Mary Outside, Breasts, Excited Clit, I Finger Myself and I Suck, A Good Doggystyle, Good Fuck With Small Anal, and Play With Transvestite.

    Now, BobVoyeur.com is free as fuck. But its services are limited unless you are a CherryBob member. Only CherryBob members can see HD images and videos, download videos, watch videos from the beginning to the end, and that kind of thing. Membership costs 20 Euros for 60 days and 50 Euros for 180 days and that seems like reasonable money.

What I Think Of BobVoyeur

    BobVoyeur has some of the most authentic collections of amateur XXX I have ever seen. But, the site design, user options, and the overall feel is so wack it is obvious that the site admin needs to be tied to the stake and whipped for incompetence and unexplained aversion to eye candy design.

    Still, if you got 20 to 50 Euros, I would reluctantly recommend this as a site for getting stuff that most probably ain’t on other porn sites.

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