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BestBondageVideos Review

~ Pros ~

Their videos are focused on bondage content

They have a ton of content available

You’ll find navigating the site easy

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll have to deal with pop-up Ads

❌ No option for downloading videos


    You are in for the ride of your life if you read my Bestbondagevideos.com review. I’ll have to warn you though, this is only a safe space for those among y’all that want to have bitches wearing a gimp suit and taking a stroke or 50 from your state-of-the-art whip that was forged with pain in the mind and heart of the creator.

    So, come join me as I review this site because your dicks might just go on their knees and thank me for it after. If this site turns out to be terrible and torturous then I’m pretty sure your dicks would still get hard for being punished.

Checking Out If The Bondage And Pussy Is Tight!

    I got on the homepage not really knowing what to expect but after seeing the thumbnails I knew that I was on the right site. Every single bitch I could see was hogtied in the section for their latest posts. If you hit your head, lost your memories, and got on this site immediately after that, you would think that all the women in the world were meant to be in this submissive position. Of course, after expressing your views to your female feminist doctor, you would be transferred to prison.

    Every single woman in their thumbnails is in some kind of bondage. Most were hogtied while another was tied in a way that let her female captor lick her feet like it was some kind of new delicacy. They showed me that they had 314 pages filled with this kind of smut. I am a man that likes discipline, ask the bitches in my harem who I whip when I am feeling the need for BDSM. They’ll tell you why I am into how focused and disciplined this site is about having these hot women in bondage.

    Their menu didn’t really have much to offer me when I clicked on it but they had a section dedicated to tags. I looked there to see what diverse type of smut this site can offer since I’ve only seen bondage so far. I tried to get them to show me those tags but that was the only part of the menu that wasn’t functioning for some reason. This feels like seeing a bad bitch with no issues until she shows you a pussy that looks like a literal train has been through there.

    I didn’t expect much from the Tags section anyway. The main focus is bondage and that is what is gonna be served. My attention was shifting to what watching their content would feel like for my dick. I haven’t really gotten a full taste of the site and the only thing I can tell you for sure is that Houdini would be jerking off wildly, even in a secure straitjacket if he was able to get his eyes on the bondage content that I’ve seen so far on the site.

Checking For What To Punish On The Site!

    I found a video showing an Asian hot brat being tied and something about that made my dick jump in anticipation. My dick wouldn’t have done any jumping and saved all that energy if it knew that it was gonna have an arm wrestle match with Ads on the page for viewing the video. They blocked the screen with Ads when I wanted to play the video and when I clicked on cancel, a new Ad popped up like a wacky game of whack-a-mole, only less fun. I had to find my strongest and most muscular Adblock to continue ahead.

    It finally played and I could see a dark-haired Asian beauty wearing Pokémon-themed panties. I thought she will be tied and fucked in multiple ways but the only thing that happened in the video was her getting instructions while a dude came to make sure the bondages are tight and hard. The video was about 15 minutes long and she didn’t do much than look helpless. The video wasn’t appealing to my dick but I’m sure lots of bondage wankers would happily release all their jizz to it.

    So, I set off on another journey to find the right video that appealed to me. I was starting to starve and needed excitement. I found another one that showed a woman suspended with a rope from the ceiling and another woman that looked like she was the headmistress of the school of hard fucks. She had no smile or mirth on her face as she brutally fucked the woman in bondage with a strap-on and all the other tools you’ll find when BDSM is in the picture.

    Below the video, I checked for the usual options that let you comment or download the content but I was surprised to see that there was none. They were only Tags and a long writing about their summary of what happened in the video in case you’re into fapping to literature. After the literature, you’ll find a section below dedicated to related bondage videos that the site wishes you to check out after the original one you came for.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Bestbondagevideos

    Bestbondagevideos lives up to its name because I haven’t seen another site more disciplined about delivering bondage content. If you’re someone that enjoys that type of thing then you’ll feel like you’re in an amusement park. The only drawback is the Ads that will put you in bondage before you watch a video online. I liked the site too much to care so that’s why I am gonna ignore the Ad infestation and give this site a recommendation to my bondage-loving audience.

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