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Bellesa Review

~ Pros ~

There’s a lot of content

Attractive website design

Videos are in HD

~ Cons ~

❌ You might see Ads


    When women watch porn, a unicorn is born. At least that is what I learned from my former female teacher years later while banging the knowledge out of her tight Milfy pussy.

    Bellesa.co markets itself as a porn site for women and since I’ve been in many of them, I get the VIP pass to come give this site my special Bellesa review and check if this site is worth even the slightest clit rub or cock tug for my male viewers that identify as lesbians.

Bellesa For The Feminine Touch!

    When a company that sells sex toys branches out into making porn for women you’ll naturally feel like you’re about to enter Aladdin’s cave of wonders. I came not only to cum, but I came to be impressed by what I see, and if I am not? I’ll just have to find this site’s creators and have a word with them with my BDSM whip and my 12-inch punisher of a cock that is itching to do some punishing right now.

    Upon getting on the site’s homepage I couldn’t help but feel like I’m on a site for women. There’s pink everywhere and it’s taking me back to when I was in a pussy like 5 hours ago. Damn, I miss being there! Apart from the pink, the rest of the site is white. There are thumbnails of either women kissing women or women riding men. Phew, I thought this site was gonna be about feminists wanking themselves off to their overused Dildos.

    There are well-known porn actresses here and they’re all identified under each thumbnail so you can know what you’re getting into before you end up fapping to an actress that still needs to go back to the school she learned porn acting from. They also have tags attached to the porn videos so you’ll also know what you’re getting into.

    There is an option to preview the videos before you watch them. This was useful to me since I got to see that some or maybe all of the porn videos here are shot with the sponsorship of Bellesa. How else would you explain the actors fucking with a gigantic banner that has this site’s name on it? That might be a bit concerning since we can’t be sure they will make decent porn videos. I’m just gonna have to find out!

Deeper, Uncut Look Into Bellesa!

    On the top of the homepage, they have all kinds of deals that they’re trying to entice us with. Starting with 60% off their sex toys that don’t concern me since I do not possess a pussy to play with, they also have deals for joining Bellesa Plus for a cheaper fee than usual. If I were to join this elite part of their site they’ll have to sweeten the deal for me and actually send these actresses to my bed since they’ll probably only offer more of their self-made pornos.

    To join Bellesa Plus membership, you’re gonna have to swipe your card on this site’s clit before it’ll open up for you to see if it is indeed wetter in here than it is on the free site. You can purchase a 2-day limited streaming trial for $3 but you gotta know that it re-bills monthly for $39.99, a 30-day subscription gets you full access for $19.99 per month, and their so-called most popular yearly subscription goes for $10 per month.

    Since the content on this site is meant for women, they have some features that you would never expect to see on Pornhub, Xhamster, or any other porn site that has a huge population of Males. I saw that they have a section here for reading erotic stories and I couldn’t imagine any dude with two balls going on Pornhub to read any of that. The closest men need to an erotic story is when our women sex chat with us, telling us about fingering their pussies while thinking of our hairy chests.

    When in Rome, you act like the Romans do. And when on a porn site that is specifically designed for women you make sure the first video you wish to beat your meat to involves two women sucking and fucking each other like they are the last two humans on the planet. The porn played with no errors or issues and I was beating my meat happily to the HD porn video. They have a short writing describing the parts they don’t want you to miss. I’m starting to think all porn sites should be run by women.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Bellesa

    Bellesa is definitely a woman’s porn site through and through. I didn’t see all the macho shit you’d expect on porn sites that only appeal to men. For example; there were no videos of actresses taking loads and loads of cum in a bukkake session. Instead, they deliver more high-quality mainstream types of porn and they weren’t bad to watch even though they were made by Bellesa themselves. This site gets a recommendation from me!

the porn guy

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