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BDSMLibrary Review

~ Pros ~

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibrarySite has a BDSM forum, chat, blogs, cams, theater, store and stories

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibraryThe quality of porn written here is good

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibraryThe search function is really impressive

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibraryIt has a translation feature for yall non english speakers

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibraryIt won’t bother you with rules

~ Cons ~

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibraryThe website design quality is below par

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibrarySome of the links are broken throughout the site

bdsmlibrary, BDSMLibrary You have to pay to watch the movies that are featured

    We all know what BDSM means, right? If not, a quick Google search is all that is needed to learn enough about that topic to write a project defense! 

    If BDSM stuff makes you feel more lively than anything else, we are sure that a site like BDSMLibrary was designed with you in mind! This site connects you with all the BDSM content you could ever desire, from stories and live chat to porn clips and images. 

    But is it the one-stop wonder that so many are claiming it to be? Read our BDSMLibrary review and find out for yourself.

Rough Is The BDSM Life! has been active since 2001. That is a century and a half in internet terms!

    Now, the site has an outsized reputation, but the appearance of its homepage does not inspire much respect. Indeed, if we should come across the people responsible for designing the homepage, we would not hesitate to hogtie them and flog them till kingdom come!

    There are links scattered all over the homepage and we are not sure where to begin. The first link on the top of the page promises folks who sign up their own free BDSM blog. The top part of the page also has links to BDSM chat rooms, galleries, and stories. We clicked the galleries link and were taken to a site filled with images of mostly nude females tied up till they could no longer move and either flogged or fingered. We are not really into the whole BDSM stuff, but being faced with picture after picture of females with legs spread and pussies open for view got our cocks twitching in ways we never imagined possible!

    Also on the homepage is a Google translate link. This is meant for content that is not in the native language of site users.

Kinky And Loving It!

    Near the middle of the homepage are various links that lead right to Beneath this is the site index, with this directing us to stories, live cams, videos, XXX toys, social events and loads more.

    Next are some big tabs labeled BDSM Forums, BDSM Stories and BDSM Movies. The first of these is quite comprehensive. Forum topics range from world events and tech to BDSM. Only site members can make posts on the different forums, but non-members can view the discussion.

    The BDSM stories section had lots of X-rated content arranged vertically. This can be sorted by author, title, rating, popularity, and length. Sample titles include The Rape Run, Mary Gets to Meet Sandy, The Bondage Contest and First Meeting With A Sadist.

Clicking the BDSM Movies tabs leads right to, which has all the hardcore BDSM stuff and links to other BDSM sites your body could ever crave.

What We Think

    Considering the many treasures on this site it is a national tragedy the homepage is not arranged as well as it should be. Doing that would cost nothing much and would make access to the site content so much easier and better. Overall, BDSM Library appears to provide everything any bondage and pain lover could ever wish for, and its faults are worth overlooking.