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BaddiesOnly Review

~ Pros ~

Downloads available

Daily updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Pop-up ads

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Max video quality is HD

❌ The free download option sucks


    Baddies and very horny ones at that are the ones that BaddiesOnly is meant for. With that being the case, showing up there without your baddie certificate in hand, testifying to your all-round badassery will get your ass kicked back to Timbuktu!
Want to know how it is down in baddie land? Then check out this BaddiesOnly review and make some noise!

An Abundance Of Bad To The Bone Fat Booty Bitches

    There’s a lot of black skin in evidence on this site and I first mistook it for an African or ebony-focused porn center. A good number of the sluts in question have the kind of wide booties that were designed out of the gate for clapping as soon as a cock has come to rest between their cheeks. Take these kinds of booties to your next doggy style adventure and you will have a hard time not dying of orgasmic happiness!

    Now, BaddiesOnly.tv has a kinda dark and depressing look. There’s no color on the homepage save for the little that’s provided by the various content thumbnails. The background is all black and the design elements use zero flash and catchy stuff. There’s a light and dark mode switch at the top of the homepage, but it does very little to change the fact that this is a very boring and average site design.

    The Home, Signup, and Login links are at the top left of the homepage. Below them options is the site logo, basic search bar, and an upload button, plus the light and dark mode switch I just talked about. The main tabs come next and there aren’t many of them. Incidentally, the logo looks like a neon image of a leering mouth drawn on a monitor and is something any 5-year-old could pull off. I have no idea why this kind of logo was seen as the best fit for a porn site like this and would say the fella that choose it needs to be forced to copulate with some horny cactus!

    So, uploads are a members-only event, and signing up for free lets you comment on videos, add stuff to your favorites, subscribe to content, and download whatever you wish. Signing up here took me less than 20 seconds and that’s fast enough.

    The main tabs are Home, Categories, Top Rated, Latest, Most Viewed, and ThePornDude, with the latter hooking you up with the fella who owns the erected woody nailed onto the road that your ex tripped over, fell unto, and got pregnant multiple times for! Life sucks!

    Anyway, when you click on the Top Rated and Most Viewed tabs, available options lets you pick out the most viewed or top rated of all time, or just today, this week, or this month. The Latest and Category tabs both do what they say, and available XXX categories are sorted alphabetically by default, but can also be filtered by the number of views, popularity, and most videos. BBW, Anal, Big Tits, Creampie, and White on White are some sample categories, with White-On-White, Compilations, Girl-Girl, and Strippers being the most viewed categories.

Baddies To The Highest!

    By default, the newest videos of all are on the top one-third of the BaddiesOnly.tv homepage. Options at the top left of the page allow sorting through these by rating, number of views, length, number of comments, most favored, and latest. One thing I love about the video thumbnails here is that the information on them at a glance lets you know the number of accumulated views, upload date, runtime, rating, and quality. You don’t have to stress yourself finding out that kind of stuff as some porn sites make you do.

    Scrolling further down the page brings up cumming stuff that’s been recommended for such an esteemed wanker as yourself, plus trending baddies who are willing to sit on your face till their small intestine is stretched wide across your mouth! The usual terms and conditions and privacy policies, plus options to link up with the social media accounts of BaddiesOnly are at the bottom of the site homepage.

    Now, BaddiesOnly loads new stuff daily on its pages and that’s a standard feature no serious porn site should do without. A few of the top-rated titles are as follows: Latina Candy Gangbang, Skylar Baby Backshots, Squirt Alert, Big Booty Threesome, PAWG Workout, Slut Training, Cream Machine, Phat Pussy Drilled & Filled, Siri Fucks Huge BBC and Big Booty Massacre. The latter has a 100% rating and is 20 minutes long.

    Big Booty Massacre starts out creepy, with information about a serial killer on the loose being relayed before the action cuts to a woman on a deserted lake who gets in a kayak and shortly after starts licking a dildo. She beaches her kayak and rubs that dildo all over her asshole and a little while later a masked killer emerges from the water and murders her. It bears reiterating that the opening scene was shot on a very deserted lake and on a rainy and very cloudy day no less. That adds a lot to its spookiness.

    The scene then cuts to a group of cheerleaders in a bedroom. They sloppily eat the cock of a friend, with another friend showing up and getting the same treatment. Later, the girls get fucked with horse dicks and while I was expecting this video to be a parody of a horror flick or something, that expectation thankfully did not pan out and no one got murdered, unless you are talking about wide cunts being massacred by BBCs!

    So, the average video runtime on BaddiesOnly is under 10 minutes and content quality is adjustable from HD and 480p. There were no playback issues at the time of this review, but the only playback option had to do with picking the video quality that’s the best fit for whatever data plan you subscribed for.

    Free downloads are available, but that comes with a catch. Opting for free downloads means it will take a lot of time for the video to load and be downloaded on another site and unlimited downloads are not supported on the free plan. Premium downloads, on the other hand, promise superior download speeds, no waiting times, and unlimited downloads and will set you back from $12 to $86 depending on how long you sign up for that feature.

What I Think Of BaddiesOnly

    As much as I struggle mightily, I am hard-pressed to come up with something that I like about this porn site. The design is boring, the content is unremarkable and the site features aren’t the type to get a congratulatory sniff and fart from my noble behind!
BaddiesOnly has a rad name, and is a disappointingly-packaged bill of goods.

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