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BaddieHub Review

~ Pros ~


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~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site features

❌ Ads

❌ Lousy user options

❌ Fugly site design

❌ Advanced search is not supported

❌ Shitty playback options


    A baddie is a thot who can simultaneously take a BBC in her asshole and another in her butthole, all while a white dude with a tree trunk cock is galloping down her gullet! Fucked girls like that? Trust me, when you do, you wake up the next day feeling like you got run over by a truck driven by none other than your bitchy mother-in-law!

    Now, BaddieHub is an actual porn site and yeah, it is filled with baddie thots who seem the type to let you ride them all night and shoot cum up their nose all you like! Take my advice and buy a box of Viagra before you get entangled with them kind of bitches and better not let them sit on your face because their cunts got teeth and fangs! Here’s my BaddieHub.com review. Read it and weep like a baddie cunt being shown some tough love!

Only Baddies Get Their Backs Blown Out!

    Got your ad-blocker working madly behind the scenes? Well, you gotta turn it off if you want to see what BaddieHub.com looks like. That’s the price we gotta pay for free nudes on most XXX sites. And I am somewhat cool with that so long as it keeps my right hand happier than a clam in chowder sauce that’s being lapped up by the tightest virgin cunt in my neck of woods, who wants it more madly than I do, but who gotta keep up with her good girl act for a while longer!

    Now, this porn site is designed to look like an online magazine or social media handle. It has a black background color and is dominated by an image of a squatting chick. She looks kind of familiar and if you told me she’s a social media heavyweight I could well believe that. And oh, her arch game sure is rad, and crushing her cervix from the back with an oak tree woody should be something worth putting on your most important bucket list!

    At the top left of the BaddieHub homepage is the site logo and it’s pretty neat. A basic search bar occupies the top middle and right of the homepage and below this are the most important site features and options. These are Home, Categories, Free Live Cams, Meet Local Baddies, and Cherry.tv, Stripchat Sex Games, and ThePornDude tabs, and beneath these are options that allow access to the newest, most viewed, and a random assortment of content.

    Worth restating is that apart from the image of the squatting chick on the BaddieHub.com homepage, there’s no other content to be seen. If you don’t wanna stare at that fat booty chick for hours, you gotta click on the tabs or the search bar to get to the kind of content you want. Also worth noting is that there’s a good probability that anything you click here will trigger a pop-up ad. That’s something I can live with, but oh, how frustrating and irritating it is.

    Anyway, there are 25 supported XXX categories. These range from Toys, Solo, and OnlyFans to Latina, Blonde, Ebony, and Anal. Sadly, you cannot sort these categories to find the one with the most content, best-rated content, and stuff like that.

    As expected, the Categories tab is the only one that puts in good work. The other main tabs are direct links to a variety of porn sites, cam sites, and porn review sites. The fact that there’s just a single working main tab here has me all shaken to the point that I have not to be able to find the hole I need to fuck the thot in my bed to coma and a permanent state of bowlegged mobility! Because of that, I think I am gonna sue the BaddieHub owner!

Shortie Is A Lil Funky Baddie!

    I did mention that there are the Latest, Most Viewed, and Random buttons beneath the main tabs. Well, these do what they were designed for.

    Guess what though, some content here have titles consisting of a word or two, like Lexxi Rose, Chloe, Tokyo Leigh, Deja, Brenda T, Squid Game, and Rebecca and these titles seem to be the names of the thots featured in each video. It guess it is too much trouble for the site admin on BaddieHub to give proper working titles to some of the stuff on his site and that’s so fucked up it makes me want to fuck a volcano in the butt!

    Now, content thumbnails here lack preview features. Plus the video titled Squid Game was uploaded on September 20 this year and it has 60K plus views. The runtime is 24 minutes and the entire thing has to do with a fat booty Asian chick fucking a guy who’s dressed head to toe in a Squid Game-inspired outfit. Another video titled Tokyo which had a 10-minute runtime showed a bitch with a rather big butt being fucked from the back in a scenic hotel room. She had a cunt so fat it was practically poking out of her dress.

    While browsing the goodies in the Most Viewed section, I happened to run across the video of someone I know. The video was titled Miss B Nasty Yacht Party and was over 4 minutes long. In the video, Miss B Nasty rides a fella on a boat and later gets pummeled in the missionary position. For sure I don’t feel sorry for her, because her cunt is so battle-hardened she could get fucked with a Zulu spear and not feel it! As to how I know her, well, I have watched every video of hers in which a certain King Nasir fucked her to the point she was about to cry for her mama!

    I had some playback issues during this review. But then that could be just my data provider fucking me over. Videos on Baddiehub are less than 10 minutes on average and playback options are quite limited. The video quality cannot be adjusted, but the playback speed can be tweaked. Content quality is around 480p to HD and direct download options are not provided. Viewer comments are allowed though and daily updates are the rule.

What I Think Of BaddieHub

    BaddieHub has been around since 2020 and I don’t know how they managed to pull that off with their site being such a shitty mess! I am not gonna recommend this porn site for all the shaven Chinese pussy any wanker wants to throw down my throat and that’s my final word on the matter!

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