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BabesAndStars Review

~ Pros ~

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsAdvanced pornstar search feature

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsFeatures top lists of pornstars

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsThousands of video clips and photo galleries

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsDaily porn updates

~ Cons ~ 

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsPoor mobile experienced

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsSome ads

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStarsPayment required to view videos

BabesAndStars, BabesAndStars Search bar only for porn models


    Babes and stars, of course, refer to those girls who look like a million dollars at all times and have more curves than a snaking mountain road. The babes and stars at BabesandStars.com refer to porn models, most of whom we have all at one time fapped to or wet dreamed over!

    Rather than just a porn site, BabesandStars is so much more. This site collates all important information related to just about all babes and stars who are active in the XXX world. That means you can fap to this or that babe while knowing her present age, weight, shoe size and how she likes a cock shoved into her!

    We thought this kind of site deserves a fucking great review and so here it is.

The Babe and the Star!

     If there’s a pornstar on this green earth, she has a profile on BabesandStars.com. If not, then she’s not really a porn star and is better off turning tricks behind the local dumpster!

    Yes, BabesandStars maintains a constantly updated database of all babes in the porn world. The kind of information contained in this kind of database is more than enough to make some drool.

    We ain’t gonna lie, the site is designed to resemble a porn page. Whether that is good or bad is for your cock and brain matter to determine!

    A search bar is at the right of the page and this can be used to search for particular models, videos and stars. The homepage itself has a white background and is filled with lists and pornstar images.

    Vids, Pics, Models, and Sites are the main tabs. The latter is where to search for porn channels like Brazzers, BangBros, Naughty America, and Sex Art. Each of these sites has a very detailed bio and a detailed listing of all their porn pics and videos.

    The Models tab, on the other hand, lets folks search for XXX stars alphabetically. Its pull-down tab also has a listing of top 100 models whose job description involves sucking cock and liking it!

    To the left of the page is a moving slideshow of some of the best-known pornstars on the market, like Kelly Divine, Sasha Grey, Aletta Ocean, and Eva Angelina. If you are feeling all that bored, you can click on this and get to see a well-written bio of each pornstar, complete with just about all porn vids she has starred in and more fap-worthy pics than your cock could ever believe!

    Next to this moving slideshow is a list of pornstars. Opposite it on the right of the page are buttons for accessing all the vids and pics on BabesandStars. This totaled 32,644 vids and no less than 81,978 porn pics. Beneath these two buttons is an advanced search bar where randy fellas can search for porn stars by age, skin color, ethnicity, country, height, weight, boob size and date of birth.

    The rest of the homepage contains porn vids and pics, plus images of the most searched XXX stars and the latest babes and stars to make it to the site.

It’s Not That Hard, Babe!

    Ever heard of an Asian babe by the name of Miko Lee? Well, she is in the most searched pornstar list. We decided to check her out.

    A single click led us to a page with a short bio of her. From there we were able to learn her bra size and overall measurements. A list of XXX sites that featured her was provided, plus more porn pics and videos than we knew what to do with!

    We must say, this Asian slut is wild and from what we could see can suck cock with the same enthusiasm with which she licks a wet slit.

What We Think

    For some reason, the site lacks regular content updates starting from the beginning of this year. Otherwise, lack of ads, a slick and sweet user experience, loads of porn clips and amazing bios of equally amazing babes and cum artists, XXX site reviews and expertly organized content make BabesandStars fucktastic in just about every way!