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AVrebo Review

~ Pros ~

There are options to fast-forward and rewind

~ Cons ~

❌ Videos posted are too long sometimes

❌ The site can be confusing to use

❌ Most of the content isn’t interesting


    Have you heard of Avrebo.com before? Me neither, but that’s why my Avrebo review would be more satisfying than getting your dick sucked by Mia Khalifa if this TikTok-looking porn site turns out to be worth some meat tugs.

    I have packed my tools and made sure that my lotion is not empty because the only thing I want is for my balls to be empty if I like this site well enough. Pay close attention to this review if you’re not too busy for a sexy education..

Average Smutty Adventures On Avrebo?

    If you’re one of those people who are always concerned about how much data is being consumed by your system, it’ll displease you to find out that Avrebo starts loading videos without you asking it to as soon as you’re on the site. I would have found that to be annoying but the video they played for me showed a dick-guzzling woman eating dick like she’s starving. So, maybe I’ll find that feature annoying later on in this review.

    When you’re on a site that tries to take inspiration from TikTok, it can either look like they did a good job copying TikTok or it’ll look like they just settled for whatever they felt like presenting to us. From what I can see so far, Avrebo goes over and beyond. They designed and added features that make it look like TikTok has a twin sister that it never talks about so no one can see how slutty she is.

    I know the “AV” in Avrebo is supposed to mean Adult Video but I was still more than a little disappointed to be seeing adult videos instead of those slutty young pretty girls that dance like they’ve got a dick in their pussies while jiggling their tits everywhere. Instead what I am looking at is adult videos where the women have lax butt holes because of too much anal sex. I’m hard though but it’s not the happy kind of hard.

    Judging by how most of the videos I am watching have zero likes, I can only guess that the amount of people on this site is low and they don’t care enough to give the videos some likes. There is a place to check out how many views a video has gotten and the highest that I have seen so far is 1000 plus views while the rest are usually 300 or even less. The site’s runners probably cry about this every night before they sleep.

Tea-bagging Avrebo Because It Deserves It!

    There are icons at the bottom of the site for discovering videos, saving whatever you wanna revisit later for wanking purposes, visiting your profile, and uploading content. This content you can upload would have to be porn featuring someone getting fucked. I’m not sure if you’ll be allowed to spread open your butt cheeks and take a video from behind to upload it there and traumatize the rest of us.

    When you click on the icon showing “Discover”, that’s where you’ll be able to see the option for searching for what you wanna watch. They also show you some hashtags that will display videos related to whatever you click on. So, all you have to do is go to the blowjob hashtag and you’ll be seeing lots of videos of girls getting their throats massaged by dicks of every size and color.

    The categories are where you’ll find different porn niches. I saw a lot of them like; Egyptian, Filipina, secretary, stepmother, Arab, slave, Tokyo, and a whole bunch of others that I am not gonna bother adding. I clicked on Tokyo and I wish I hadn’t. There were only about 4 videos, and they all looked like they were shot at the time when Abraham Lincoln was being shot as well.

    The only video that even looked slightly watchable was a random video that was probably stolen from Pornhub because their logo was there. It was in HD, and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered after seeing all the low-quality porn that was probably shot by Stevie Wonder in his spare time. The hot Asian woman was twerking upside down and I feel like that is the perfect way to end being on a porn site that feels like it is upside down.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Avrebo

    I thought that this site was gonna be something pretty special but it turned out to be just another average Joe. I was bored out of my mind all the time I was on the site and the features didn’t help to make it a fun experience either. It’s clear that the folks running this site have to get back to their drawing boards and this time around, they shouldn’t use the board for eating each other’s asses. They should come up with a plan to make this site more exciting because after spending time reviewing them, they get no recommendation from me!

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