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r/Asstastic Review

~ Pros ~

Large Community

Verified butts only

Very active community with rules guiding conduct

Lots of regularly uploaded content

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Softcore content only


    I honestly don’t care what you think, but there is nothing as magical as ass. Ass is everything your honest ass thinks it is. Soft, succulent, bouncy and a piece of art. It won’t be such a bad idea if a musuem is built to display some of the most historic asses that have walked the face of the Earth. I’m convinced men would spend hours, if not days admiring this wonder. The truth is, a real man can never get enough ass. But why am I spending so much time talking about the wonders of the backside??

    On Reddit, the app where you can find communities for just about any kind of discussion you can think of, is a Subreddit called Asstatic. Before I get to talking about the community, I would like to commend whoever came up with the name Asstatic. That person deserves to have his balls sucked by two bitches with fat asses before going on to fuck both of them doggy style.

    Now to the real business of why we are here. The whole bulk of this gibberish is a review of the Asstatic Subreddit. Even before going into details, I’ll suggest you brace up yourself to see some incredible looking female backsides. I’m convinced that a NSFW community will not be called Asstatic, if It isn’t full of Ass.

Big Round and Juicy Meat On Reddit Asstastic

    Ass gets to me in special ways and I’m sure that in a world full of perverts, I am not alone. For ages men have chased after bum bums and that is about to change anytime soon. The over 1.2 million members of this community, is proof that this natural resource isn’t losing its market value. It competes favorably with gold, oil, coal and other minerals in high demand. Butts generate good revenue and still remains man’s favorite in all. You will agree with me that the feeling is unmatched when you pound a big butt slut. As your cock drills deeper into her wet cunt, you can feel her butts urging you to go in harder and deeper.

    In Asstatic you have a community of ass lovers like you. Perverts who could clear our their schedules to wank watching beautiful butts wiggle. I suspect that some have called in sick so they could stay back home to watch porn. Now those are the real MVPs. It won’t be a bad idea if they hosted a master class on how to be a badass pervert. It’s sure to attract good membership.

Now r/Asstastic Is Fantastic, Thanks To The Verified Butts Here

    The community is open to all kinds of female butts as long as they are being posted by their owners. Here you get to see verified sluts flaunting their verified asses for all to appreciate. The verification process isn’t in any way difficult. To be verified all you need to do is send three photos of you holding a crumpled piece of paper with your username written on it. It’s as easy as wanking. In a matter of minutes you can be verified, and given express permission to show the whole Reddit world what ya mama gave ya.

    However, keep in mind that only girls are verified in this community. Female ass is the focus of this community. I’m sure if you surfed around Reddit, you will find a Subreddit where men are allowed to showcase their butts. But for Asstastic soft succulent butts not hard rocky butts are welcome here. Butts so soft they can be used as pillows at night. That’s one thing about bums, you can do so many things with a big one. Girls with big butts have a special place in my heart and should be celebrated. Left for me I’ll declare a special day once every year in honor of butts. International Ass day.

Gifs, Photos And Ass Videos

    The description of the Subreddit emphasizes on photos and gifs but as you scroll down the page, you will come across butt videos. Some of the girls feel there is just so much ass to display a photo or gif wouldn’t do. Their assets are better showcased in video clips, giving us the opportunity to further appreciate the wonders behind them. It’s simply ridiculous how these girls carry such a load behind them and still manage to walk comfortably. From the content I have seen on this Subreddit, I have no option than to respect women more. They such are heavy weight lifters. Much respect to all the women out there making the world a better place, by carrying succulent sweet looking juicy butts all over the place. They contribute immensely by helping perves relieved stress. In future, butts should be prescribed as antidepressants.

What I Think Of Asstastic

    Everything about ass is loveable. I have no option than to fall in love with a community created solely for the appreciation of female butts. That’s what Asstastic is all about and I’m totally loving it. The fact that I get to see only verified butts adds an extra touch to things and you can’t afford to miss out on it. Join the Subreddit, become an active member and worship all the asses you can.

Asstastic, Asstastic

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