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AsmHentai Review

~ Pros ~


Quality stuff

Content jacked

No ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Undated content

❌ Members cannot directly connect

❌ Basic search features

❌ Wack site features and options


    Well fellas, my eyes not being too good these days, I first misread ASMHentai as Ask Me Hentai! You can bet your sweet potatooie that for a minute I got hella mad at a site name like that, which sounded like the owner invented hentai, has a hentai and manga factory in his balls, has mentally fucked all the hentai characters in the history of mankind and now has an encyclopedic knowledge of the stuff that not even I can match! Fuck that I say and fuck it again I say! No one living is better at porn of all kinds than ThePornGuy and only I can be asked about all kinds of porn stuff at any time of the day, night, or winter solstice! And anyone who tries to say otherwise gonna be dropped out a chopper into the deepest and darkest part of hell for much-needed sessions of satanically devilish urethra expansions via rusty machetes!

    Anyway, here is my ASMHentai.com review. Read this and weep or I will pray for the boogeyman to fall in love with your asshole!

The Black Cuntess Wins!

    Black, black, and black! Yeah, I am talking about the ASM Hentai homepage and it happens to be blacker than the collective souls of the old coots we have in Congress! There’s no Light mode either, so don’t even think you will be allowed to switch things up whenever you feel like it.

    Now, there are 16 content thumbnails on the homepage, arranged in rows of 4 and these thumbnails happen to be of different sizes. Almost like some got fertilizer added to them, while other poor souls were neglected and allowed to wither on the vine! The lack of uniformity when it comes to thumbnail sizes makes this place look amateurish and that’s not a good label to have stuck on your ass, at least not where ThePornGuy is concerned.

    Random, Parodies, Tags, Characters, Artists, and Groups are the user options to be found at the top left of the ASMHentai.com homepage, with the opposite corner hosting a basic search option, plus login and register tabs. Registering on this manga-focused site is free and easy, as it should be. But the benefits of doing so are not immediately obvious and you gotta discover them yourself, just like Super Mario looking for the princess and eager to save the leg-spreading sack of slut! Damn it!

    So, the Groups page is filled with 169 pages of groups who do nothing but post stuff on this site. The folks there are arranged by number of content by default, but alphabetical sorting is allowed. And the Artists page has 212 pages of artists whose works you can add to your list of favorites, if you are logged in that is. What you cannot do here is send anyone a DM or subscribe to their content.

    114 pages of characters also await. These characters, or at least most of them are however not meant for Western audiences. Unless you are a deep-seated hentai/manga fan who can reel out facts while hung upside down at the crack of midnight in a valley full of wolves and minotaurs, you will probably go through multiple pages here without having heard of a single character featured in the Character tab. But at least that gives you the chance to learn about characters whose existence you had no idea of.

    As for the rest of the tabs, they do what they say on the tin, the bin and for the kin on the pin! The Tags tab for example, has content that fills out an impressive 64 pages. But some of the featured tags are Japanese terms and won’t be intelligible to most. Not to worry though, tags like strap-on, group, sole female, anal, yuri, cunnilingus, elf, and piercing are easily available.

To Hardcore Hentai We Pledge Our Troth!

    Recentness, popularity, and rating are not among the options that can be used for content sorting on this manga site. Sure, there’s a Random tab, but that’s just not good enough. And while you might think that the content on the homepage is by default sorted by recentness, that’s not so. Plus nothing here is dated, with all the complications that brings.

    But worth noting is that ASMHentai.com has 23,399 pages of content and that’s a gargantuan collection anyhow you wanna hack it. So, feel free to hate this site for not having a dated and easily sortable manga collection, while also recognizing that they have stuff of very significant heft and scope that few other sites can boast of.

    Anyway, content titles here can be quite long, and finding one that’s in English can be a bit of a Mission Impossible game. Soft Rape to Wife, Natsu No Su, Bitchblade 2+1, Bubble Flower, Oshiete Sensei, Chiisai Gyaru, and Sweet & Hot are some sample titles. Soft Rape to Wife was a 198-page manga with anal themes you could spread on pastry and bake for your in-laws! Unfortunately, this manga was in Japanese, but I gotta commend the artistry on show, because it was hella impressive.

    So was Toy Human. This had 10 pages and was about a giantess fucking a chick with a cock that was almost bigger than her. Yeah, imagine being drilled by a 6-foot cock while a giant fella has a tight hold on you. Oh no, stop imagining fellas, because I can already hear your holes puckering up!

    Now, mangas here are of high to very high quality. There are no direct download options though and the means of reading these manga leaves something to be desired. Rather than scrolling from the first manga page to the last, you gotta click and keep clicking back and forth arrow buttons to move from one page to the next and this is hella distracting and stressful.

    Plus English and Japanese/Chinese language manga are intermingled here. Say you wanted to pick through pages of English language manga only, you can’t do that and must make do. There’s no English language option in the Tag section and typing English language, Chinese language, or Japanese language into the featured search bar will only get you blank pages. That sucks, and not like my ex used to do it!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of ASM Hentai

    This place is the most content-crammed that I’ve seen in a long while. Like the amount of stuff here is what I typically see on 10 other manga sites combined and that’s both astonishing and gratifying.

    That said, ASMHentai is all about massive amounts of content and not usability. It’s quite okay if you are all about getting exposed to masses of quality manga. But if you need a more qualitative user experience, then you would be better off finding another place.

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