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r/AsianHotties Review

~ Pros ~

Big place

Rad content update pace

Fine pussy galore

~ Cons ~

❌ Bland

❌ Not as active as its size suggests


    There are a lot of men out there with an addiction to Asian hotties. This addiction is so bad that them fellas gotta fap to fresh Asian meat on the daily, or risk going bonkers and committed to Bellevue! Got an Asian hottie addiction? Well then, I will be sure to mention you in my prayers and beg the almighty that you wake up one day with an Asian cutie sitting pretty on your face and asking how you like your eggs and bacon! Let’s hope she doesn’t steal you blind and give you something that turns your cock all green!
But enough fantasizing! Here is my Reddit Asian Hotties review. Read it and weep if you have the hots for an Asian cutie and have already had enough wet dreams about her to permanently fuck up her uterus!

Reddit Asian Hotties Cum Easy!

    Guys, the world is overrun with hotties. TikTok seems to be their headquarters, though they do have major branches on Instagram, OnlyFans, and Snapchat. And for some reason, a lot of these hotties and thotties feel free showing off their cunt more than their tits. It’s almost like tits are the new private parts these days, while cunts are public properties!

    Anyway, women have been getting prettier lately, helped along by progressively skilled plastic surgeons, improved diets and better dietitians, better makeup, and that sort of thing. You can’t spend a minute online without running into a hottie you feel like desperately breeding till all her eggs are gone, and the cum allocated to you in this life has been all shot out of your cannon! But better not kill yourself over a hottie, because there’s always more of them out there waiting to get stuffed to the gills with big dick and transformed into mewling idiots by hard cocks!

    So, women From The Orient to the Indian Subcontinent is the motto at Reddit Asian Hotties, and that seems apt enough, if unoriginal. There’s no special logo or graphics here, and this subreddit has the same look as 95% of other subreddits. That means blue and white are the main colors, and yeah, that’s very unoriginal and anything but a sight for sore eyes.

    The Community Box on the top right, rather than going into detail on what this subreddit is all about and the caliber of fappers, cock throttlers, woody breakers, and all-around avowed masturbators that it serves, only has a word-for-word listing of the subreddit motto. That’s intellectual laziness on the double and something I hate to see about as much as y’all hate barely legal cock teasers who have yet to be fucked to the limit and taught the dangers of working up boners to no benefit!!

    Information on the Community Box states that Reddit Asian Hotties came into being in June 2009 and currently has 1.6 million members. But only a thousand of these were online at the time of this review, and I took that to mean that they might have been busily wanking to Beyonce’s see-through panties as repeatedly showcased during her latest tour!

    The rules in place here forbid impersonation, selling stuff, begging for upvotes, posting leaks and discord invites, giving stupid titles to posts, posting low-quality content or content that’s not about Asian hotties, reposting stuff, and not properly linking content. And yeah, these kinds of rules are easy enough to heed, and if you break them, you are just being an asshole for no damn good reason.

Get It Hot, Direct From Fresh Asian Snatch!

    Can I Sit On Your Face, I Just Wanna Suck The Soul Out Of You, Let’s Get Physical, Daddy’s Little Asian Cum Slut, I Hope You Guys Still Enjoy A Simple Nude, Fill Me With Your Cum, and Don’t Tempt Me are among the newest posts on r/AsianHotties at the time of this review. And talking of new posts, I can tell you for free that the content upload pace here is, in the main, very impressive.

    Is It True Older Men Love Younger Pussy was in the Hot section. The video was uploaded 7 hours before this review, and on show was a tiny-titted Asian hottie lying down and fingering her small slit of a snatch. She sure is gonna have something different to moan about if I was in the same room as her!

    Can I Be Your Little FuckToy, on the other hand, was uploaded 3 hours before this review. The black-haired Asian in the video was dressed in undies and lifted her top to reveal a pair of big and patently fake tits that looked harder than coconut shells. She never got completely nude, and so, I cannot say the type of cunt that’s lying fallow between her legs and being denied the company of howitzers of fierce cum shooting capabilities! But given the fact that this chick is Asian, I am betting that her cunt is of the thin type that looks like the pursed and disapproving lips of a virgin matron!

    32.6K upvotes is what the top-rated content of all time on Reddit Asian Hotties has to boast with. This post was uploaded a year ago and titled Couldn’t Wait For A Real One, and it had an extremely pretty Asian nude asf and pumping her twat with a dildo that looked too big for her. She looked like she was having fun, too, and by Jove, it should be illegal for chicks this fine to make love to sex toys when there are too many throbbing cocks out there that would give a ball or two to go up them tight Asian twats and cause cum-trickling trouble!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/AsianHotties

    I would say that this subreddit has an excellent collection of amateur Asian XXX and is worth getting a membership card at. But given the caliber of the cunts on show here, y’all better stock up on Vaseline, cock extenders and muscle relaxants for y’all right hands if the plan is to make r/AsianHotties y’all favorite haunt of the month!

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