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Asexstories Review

~ Pros ~

asexstories, ASexStories

It supplies quality write-ups and its super easy to navigate

asexstories, ASexStoriesCategories like firsttime, naked, orgasm, licking, fingering etc

asexstories, ASexStoriesIt has a very effective review system

asexstories, ASexStories

It offers some real sex stories

asexstories, ASexStories It has over 14,000 different authors of erotica

~ Cons ~ 

asexstories, ASexStoriesThe site name is misleading

asexstories, ASexStoriesYou need to be registered to enjoy all of the features


    Sex stories are underrated right now. They might not have the graphical appeal of porn vids and nude images, but can be very arousing and orgasmic. Not to mention, you can read such stories in public with no one being aware, while publicly watching a porn clip of Bella Benz riding a big cock in her juicy booty would earn you looks of disgust and possibly a reprimand by the cops.

    Now, our task for a few days of this week has been the review of some sex stories sites. Today, we will shine the spotlight on another by the name of ASexStories.com. Lights. Camera. And Action!

A Sex Stories Tells The Most Smutty Stories!

     The ASexStories homepage is about as visually appealing as a bag of beans! The site logo is at the top, plus warnings related to the erotic nature of the site and how it is not a proper place for those who are not at least 18-years old.

    A big blue tab lets you enter the site properly, and there’s a long list of supported niches beneath this. Among these are Anal Sex, Panties, Desi Sex, Dildo, True Sex, Spanking, Submissive, Sucking, Gangbang, Shemale, Sex Toys and so many more.

    The site design is not the neatest, nor the easiest to use, but it does work as well as it should.

Sex Stories Unlimited

    We were wondering what kind of content would be in the Panties stories category and so we decided to see for ourselves. Clicking on that category brought us to a page with a gold-yellow background with a vertical list of titles arranged on this.

    Atop this page was the New Stories, Authors, Stories, Categories, and Tags tabs, plus porn site links. A Submit Story tab is at the far right, with a search bar beneath. Also at the right are some story niches, any one of which will lead you where you need to go.

    The Panties stories category can be sorted by niche, tag, category, date, rating, reviews, and author. Sample titles include How I Prepare My Panties Before Selling, Mom’s Panties Cover A Hairy Dream, How My Panty Fetish Began and Mom’s Cum Coated Panties.

    All content here can be rated and commented on, regardless of your membership status. Content quality appeared to be good and we will confess to reading some stories that made us so hard we almost thought our cocks were gonna blow up!

What We Think

    We like the site design here, though it could do with more tweaks and optimization. This site has niches, categories and stories aplenty that could keep everyone massively entertained and happy. Overall, ASexStories has loads of promise and content you will gladly free your cock from your pants for!

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