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Asexstories Review

~ Pros ~

, ASexStories

It supplies quality write-ups and its super easy to navigate

, ASexStoriesCategories like firsttime, naked, orgasm, licking, fingering etc

, ASexStoriesIt has a very effective review system

, ASexStories

It offers some real sex stories

, ASexStories It has over 14,000 different authors of erotica

~ Cons ~ 

, ASexStoriesThe site name is misleading

, ASexStoriesYou need to be registered to enjoy all of the features


As soon as you open up, you come across a huge color scheme to help you get a uniquely different idea form other sits based on adult stories. The site hosts a very huge, active community – some are writers, some of them are both writers and readers, while others are just readers.

Depending on your passion, you can get started with stories by senior adult writers or you can also check out the new best writers to suit your taste. If you think you have a creative side, you can also write and submit your own work.

On, you can either enjoy a great range of adult stories or write and submit your own real sex stories or even create a fictional story, too. If you are fond of writing adult sex stories but you have not yet tried it, someone you know (an adult story writer) can help you out.

Once you have crafted & submitted your own porn story, & it has been accepted for publication, get ready to get great feedback from readers. What’s more, you can interact with readers and writers. 

Well, some stories are fake while some are true. The famous categories include fetish stories, cheating wives, drunk sex, gay stories, interracial stories, erotic poetry, singer stories, lesbian stories, masturbation stories, group stories, voyeur stories and more.

Enjoy adult works in a wide range of categories! Porn is no longer all about visuals! The best part is that the owner of is not scared of hosting controversial text that means you can discover, ready and enjoy adult stories featuring every category you could imagine.