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AnimeHentaiVideos Review

~ Pros ~

Uploads on the daily

Very extensive language support

Content and category jacked

No ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Very shitty site features and options

❌ No direct downloads

❌ No advanced search


    Anime. Hentai. Videos. These and loads of it are what AnimeHentaiVideos.xxx hopes to use in casting out the fapping fallen angel outta y’all! Don’t wanna be saved? Well, they ain’t gonna ask nicely. No sir, they won’t!

    So, here’s my AnimeHentaiVideos.xxx review. Forget the bare-as-bones and uninspiring ASF site name and read this review, while weeping like all that y’all are getting from Santa this year is a finger fuck!

Goodies In Spades!

    Anime Hentai Videos is quite the looker. The design is standard, but classy and hella attractive. The homepage is mostly filled with category thumbnails and white has been pressed into duty as the background color. Almost half of the homepage is packed with popular category thumbnails, with the rest of the screen hosting an About Us, plus a collection of recommended XXX sites and videos.

    The very bottom of the homepage has a selection of different languages, from Portuguese to German. There are actually over 30 languages there, English included. And no, the many languages are not there for visual effect and are actually supported. So, changing the default language from English to any other that catches your fancy means that at least 99 percent of what’s on this site will be translated into your preferred language. Neat.

    Main site features in this place are about as impressive as the sight of a twerking chick whose ass hair just about reach to her knees! The features include a language menu at the top right, a search bar at the top middle of the homepage, and a trio of tabs. These tabs are Popular, New, and Categories and they only pop up when you click the trio of horizontal bars at the top left of the homepage. Yeah, it’s a sure bet that AnimeHentaiVideos.xxx ain’t winning site feature awards anytime this century or the next!

Bare Ass Blank!

    Well fellas, like I said before, this place looks great. But it is also severely lacking in site features and user options.

    I thought these options might magically appear when you click any of the many category thumbnails on the homepage, but that didn’t happen. That means you can only sort videos here by categories, popularity, and recentness. While that might be peachy ten years ago, it sure as fuckety sin isn’t 5 years ago, not to talk of this year.

    Still, when you tap the Popular or New tab, there will be an option on the top right of the new page you are at, which lets you sort content by duration. That ain’t good enough though and the fellas who run this place better get busy stuffing it with features like I stuff anaconda meat into my local neighborhood thots, or I might get so angry I shut off the switch from which the sun draws the energy it needs to daily shine forth and prosper!

    Anyway, there are 15 pages of hentai categories here. Yes, 15. Swollen pussy, wrapped bondage, Merlin, flat chested, abandoned house, turtle ninja, Fortnite, goth, gloves, sissy and more are among the featured categories. But Anime Hentai Videos being what it is, the categories on this site cannot be sorted alphabetically, by number of videos and views, and that kind of thing. The categories aren’t even arranged alphabetically by default and the whole thing is both messy and amateurish.

    Yua’s Sensual Vacation, Gay Titans: A Hentai Experience, 3D Animated Lara Croft Gives A Sensual Blowjob and Cums, Interracial Porn Featuring an 18-year old With Big Black Cock and an Arab Booty, Horny MILF With Big Tits Gets Fucked By Young Boy In Anime and Horny Final Fantasy 7 Characters In A Wild Group Sex Adventure were among the popular titles at the time of this review. The Final Fantasy thing had a runtime of 1:48 minutes and was a 3D threesome. The chick being drilled was predictably stacked and her cunt was one of the most realistic looking I have seen.

    From there I checked out a related video titled Amateur Couple Enjoys A Monster Cock Cumshot In NYSDEL Video. Nice, right? Except that this was no hentai and yet it was hosted on AnimeHentaiVideos.xxx.

    The monster cock video seems to have been borrowed from NYSDELX and had a 12:20 minute runtime. It begins with a fat booty chick bent over a bed as a fella eats her ass and cooch. He eats and licks for around 90 seconds, before plopping a cock into this bitch. They fuck doggy style for a while, and then she gets on her back, puts her legs next to her shoulder, and gets pulverized. As for what an amateur fuck video like this is doing in a hentai site, that is the kind of question the site admin should be asked, preferably while there’s a 90mm cannon pointed at his balls!

    Was the Monster Cock video the only one of its kind? Not at all. Anime Hentai Videos is packed with amateur and pro-level XXX of a totally non-hentai nature.

    Does that matter? Not really. But the issue is that this is supposed to be an anime-only XXX site. Thus, mixing porn videos with the hentai collection feels somehow. Of course, you might argue that the fact that there’s both anime and porn videos here makes Anime Hentai Videos a kind of one-stop place for all things cock-raising. That would be a correct analysis, with the only caveat being that this place then needs to urgently change its name to reflect the fact that it has all kinds of porn and not anime XXX only.

    Now, no playback issues were experienced during this review and comments are supported. Videos can be shared, but playback options are quite limited, and playback quality cannot be adjusted. Plus there are no direct download options.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Anime Hentai Videos

    It sure ticks me off to see conventional porn in a place that should rightly be all about hentai XXX only. Plus the severe lack of site features here does a good job of putting me in the mood to make a free kick out of a leprechaun!

    Still, if what you are all about is the avid consumption of porn of all stripes, then Anime Hentai Videos looks like a good place to be. While I can’t recommend this site, I do believe it is worth a look-see.

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