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Amurz Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of language options

No Ads environment

Lots of content uploaded

~ Cons ~

❌ Categories aren’t arranged well

❌ Slow video loading


    Amurz or I’m yours? Shit, this porn movie site isn’t worthy yet of The Porn Guy attempting to crack the code they’re trying to get porn-loving perverts everywhere to decipher.

    The only thing I’m interested in cracking today is finding out if this site is worth busting my nut after going a record full day with full balls and no release. With my amurz.com review, we’ll be seeing if this site is truly ours or if it is truly ass.

I’m Yours Dot Cum?

    Before going any further I have to mention that this is a Russian site judging by the language I saw at the bottom of the homepage as soon as I hopped on the site for the first time. So if you’re one of those people that fear that the KGB is trying to spy on your asshole to mass produce ass-fleshlights in the shape of your hole then you’re gonna want to use duct tape and stop walking around showing your asshole for fucks sake.

    The homepage is pleasing to my eyes particularly because of the fact that it comes in a dark-themed background color that is perfect for porn fappers that haven’t left their caves in eons. Unlike some Western porn sites, I can see from the thumbnails that this site is all about diversity. There are all kinds of ethnicities and tribes represented here through their women who look happy enough to be taking dick like they are in some kind of fucking competition.

    So yeah, there is a lot of diversity on the site, I can see a lot of Asian amateur and professional porn actors and actresses. And I’m not just talking about East Asians, there are South Asians like Indians here. So, if you’re sick and tired of watching blondes take huge BBCs for the thousandth time then you can watch dicks that are more your size ramming into pussies with as much smoothness as putting ramen down your mouth hole.

    Perhaps it’s because this site aims to be the international home for smut, they have a lot of language options on the top right of their homepage. I could count them out and let you know which languages they have covered here but that’s gonna cost you. There ain’t any way I’m gonna go through that stress if all of you guys don’t come kiss my ass first. Just know that there are up to 20+ languages featured here so you’ll be sure to find what you understand to make your wanking smoother.

Fingering Amurz For More Info!

    Videos on Amurz are divided into; Newest, Best, All Categories, Pornstars, and Tags. The section named Best caught my attention since I try to get the best food, clothes, condoms, lotions, and pussies that life has to offer. If I am disappointed, I am going to Russia to punish the site’s creators after getting to fuck all those surprisingly hot Russian girls first. So if they’re praying people, they need to get on their knees right now.

    Every video in the “Best” section is rated 100% but the first thumbnail I saw made me want to cut my dick off and throw it away. I can’t believe a video of some old granny with tits that stopped being firm 100 years ago made it to this section. Y’all have some weird tastes man. The rest of the videos here look basic to me. Some look older than time but they somehow make fappers here happy.

    One section you have to watch out for is their Categories. It’s almost like it is someone who has a brain filled with Andre the Giant’s semen who is in charge of putting videos in the categories. I clicked on an Asian category hoping to see porn videos of them taking dick and moaning really loudly like they always do for some reason. Instead, it’s chaos here, instead, they showed me those “caught stealing” porn videos from the US, then there’s another video of a blonde dude fucking a blonde chick. Chaos!

    At the end of the section’s page, they wrote a lot of shit that I tried reading until I realized that these guys aren’t poets so I just looked for what caught my attention and that happened to be “Japanesebigtits” written in a different color to get my attention. This is another chance for them to show me that they know how to put shit in its right category. Thankfully, I can see only Japanese women here and their tits are big enough for a titty-fuck without my dick burning from friction.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Amurz

    Amurz would love to be mine pretty badly but I’m not really sure I want this relationship with them. I was impressed with how many videos they have here but my boner for that fell flat immediately after I saw that their categories are arranged by a blind guy who clearly doesn’t have OCD. Overall, I think it has potential and it’s worth exploring if you’re trying to add some much-needed spice to your daily wanks. They get a partial recommendation from me.

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