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Amateurest Review

~ Pros ~

Sweet site design

Regular content updates

Has both videos and image galleries

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No downloads

❌ Wack quality videos

❌ Short videos

❌ Zero playback options


    My asshole for reasons best known to it puckers like its being fed unripe limes anytime it comes across porn sites whose names are not exactly porn-y. Take Amateurest for instance. I could swear it is an orthopedic pillow or dressing gown maker and that is uncool because thinking up a porn-full name for it and any other site should be the easiest of jobs.

    Wondering what Amateurest.com is like and the kind of limping rest that oak tree woodies deliver to amateur cunts in the content featured on this amateur-focused site? Well then check out this Amateurest.com review and my prayer is that may it not motivate you into slacking in your pussy pounding duties around the block!

No Rest For Any Amateur Slit!

    Amateurest looks plenty nice. It is not a very colorful site, but it sure is expansive and attractive. White and gray are the main background colors in use, with some green in evidence. No option for tweaking the background color or page design is offered and I would be surprised if that was possible.

    The top left has a basic search bar, rather than the advanced one that our boners are in dire need of. Next to this are the Login and Sign Up buttons. Registering is free and takes less than a minute, with member privileges consisting of being able to upload content and chat with other members. But there is no separate Member tab and that makes quickly searching for and finding other members a bit of hard work.

    Video image thumbnails of amateur performers in cunt-robbing and cock-gobbling action fill up most of the site page and these have that glossy glow that makes my heart beat a little faster! There are also main tabs atop the homepage, but I will get to that later.

    Right now, y’all need to know there’s a very long list of amateur XXX categories arranged vertically at the left of the Amateurest homepage. Each of them has a number indicating the quantity of their videos on Amateurest and Amateur is the most represented category, followed by Hardcore, Blowjob, Cumshot, Big Cock, Big Ass, and Big Tits. Below this XXX category list is a small list of supposedly top XXX sites.

    The homepage bottom hosts a small collection of tags and categories, plus a very well-written description of amateur XXX. Yeah, the person that put that together needs a raise and the freshest set from my sister’s worn panties collection!

    Now, let’s talk about the main tabs. These are Home, New, Best, Popular, Tags, Models, Pics, Free Porn Sites, Best Amateur Porn Sites, Categories, Sites, and Blog. Of course, a few of these tags are just direct ad links and by now you should be able to differentiate actual main tabs from pretenders that are only trying to make you visit this or that porn site or porn review site.

    The New, Best, and Pope tabs do what they say, as does the Tags tab which hosts a couple of thousand XXX tags at the very least. The Models tab has 8 ½ pages of amateur model profiles with names like DickForLily, Candy Love, Annabgo, LuxuryGirl, BadDragonSlayer, LacyLuxxx, Lana Emotional, MissBNasty, and MorningPleasure. You can subscribe to the feed of these stars and some model profiles have social media links that let you check out these models on Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, and ModelHub.

    And oh, in case you didn’t know, most of these models are retired pornstars or social media thots who make a living cavorting in their birthday suits online and fucking themselves with an impressive range of XXX toys on sites like OnlyFans. A lot are by no means amateur in the fucking game if you know what I mean, and a prime example is MissBNasty whose porn videos starring Prince Nasir and others have long made it easy for my right hand to prove its everlasting devotion! Like this bitch has a deep and fat cunt and I always get a rush seeing it take a plunging BBC or extreme XXX toy!

    The content in the Pics tab runs to 27 ½ pages and most are wallpaper-worthy material you will find on sites like Babepedia. Amateur XXX photos cannot however be zoomed or downloaded, but they are readily viewable in slideshow format. XXX categories in the Categories tab can be sorted alphabetically, by rating and number of content and you can sort both pictures and videos.

    So, should you need suggestions of the best amateur XXX sites to wank to, you can readily find a few in the Sites tab. Included are ATK Girlfriends, Filthy Amateur, The Habib Show, FTV MILFS, and My Sex Mobile and you can click on these sites to access their content on Amateurest.

    Sadly, there are only 1 ½ page of blog posts available, with titles like Why Do Many Men Want To Hang Out With Hairy VR Models, Useful Advice For Amateur Cam Models and How Can Porn Videos Exploit Our Minds? The newest posts are from a week ago, with the latest being made 5 months ago and from this, it is obvious that blogs are not that much of a priority on Amateurest. Nor should they be when there are so many amateur pussies left un-fucked every day!

Amateur Pussy Doing The Most

    Most pros in the game know to pace themselves and not to go toe-to-toe with iron-hard penises that weren’t raised well and see all cunts as conquered territories to be exploited to the fullest. Amateurs on the other hand are not so cautious and are always trying to prove they are the baddest on the block. Little wonder that most of them end up needing wheelchairs and wearing adult diapers after coming across and losing too many battles with oak tree woodies and extreme dildos! What a slutty shame!

    Now, Amateurest deals in multiple daily updates and there have to be around 20K videos on the site. Browsing from the first page to the last is a very laborious process, but other than that the site is easy to use. Video quality is HD for the most part and not user-adjustable. The average runtime is less than 10 minutes and sample titles include the following: Beautiful Desi Bhabi Fucked By Handsome Neighbor, I Love Oiling Myself Up And Pounding My Pussy With Sex Toys, Amateur Ex-girlfriend With A Nice Ass Loves To Be Fucked From Behind, and Naughty Lesbians On Balcony Licking and Fingering Wet Pussies.

    Love seeing BBW chicks get a fat-reducing pounding? So do I and you can guess what happened next after I came across a video titled Fat Ass BBW Ebony Moans As A White Dude Fucks Her Asshole. In this 2-minutes video, the BBW ebony is shown face down and ass up on a bed, with a skinny white dude mounting her shortly after like he was getting on a dirt bike. He had a big cock for his size and basically sat on her hump as he excavated her asshole with that monster oak tree woody. This fella pumped her rhythmically and the video ended before I could see if he shot his cannon inside her asshole or took it out and unloaded it down her gullet!

    So, video playback on the site is smooth as silk, but playback options are very limited. And honestly, even on videos with the HD tag, the video quality is still a disappointment.

What I Think of Amateurest

    I love the site design, the image galleries, and the fact that you can easily add up a great selection of amateur XXX stars by merely taking a trip to their profile pages. However, the video quality on the whole is unimpressive, playback options are nonexistent, and videos are short for the most part.

    Amateurest is not a site I can recommend, but it does have its charms and frequent weekend visits would be nice.

amateurest, Amateurest

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