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adultvideofinder, AdultVideoFinder

AdultVideoFinder Review

~ Pros ~

The site has a very easy to navigate

It has millions and millions of videos

No ads while watching videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ The homepage itself is filled with ad's

❌ There is no search filter, like wtf?

❌ Some videos direct you to the wrong vid?


I do commend AdultVideoFinder for its ability to get to the point, name-wise. Just from the name of this site, you will have no trouble at all working out that it is the kind of place that’s set up to help you look for adult videos, and what you end up doing with these videos is your sole concern.

But is a good name more important than the other stuff that makes a site great? Join me in this AdultVideoFinder.com review and let’s go find out if this porn search engine lives up to the noble name that it bears!

Simplified Wanking For Adults

    Back in the days, they were scaring fappers like me by announcing that you could go blind from slight to excessive woody fondling and milking. Now they are saying doing stuff like that can add years to your lifespan and reduce your risk of varied maladies. But that has done little to comfort most of us who felt irremediably guilty for daring to touch our woodies and see to its needs by milking its accumulation of potent jism!

Anyway, these days, I touch my cock because I love how it feels and even if legions of four-eyed doctors come out tomorrow to announce that wanking is the cause of global warming and species extinction, no way am I stopping the mutually beneficial relationship that has been going on between my cock and my right hand since my teenage years! And this I swear on my ball sack and yours too if you are agreeable!

So, let’s talk about AdultVideoFinder.com. The first thing I noticed about this porn search engine is how dated it looks. It could have been encapsulated in a time machine from the late nineties and then brought forward to the present and I am unsure if that is not the case.

Like who in hell still uses this kind of very dated and colorless site design? They should fall out quickly and line up against the wall while I get my Gatling gun lubed up and ready for action!

Seriously though, it has been long since I saw a site that looks so dated and it is as depressing as fucking a granny who has a leg and four toes in the grave! The AdultVideoFinder site design is a very definite turn off and just because of that I am already having bad feelings about what this porn search engine can do for me and other avowed wankers out there who rely on yours truly to lead them on the right path and show the sweetest love of all to their mighty third leg and moist slits in need of determined breeding!

Anyway, AdultVideoFinder.com has a white background and only video image thumbnails, plus the slew of social media sites at the top right of the page gives it some color. These social media links let you easily share content on sites like Reddit and Twitter. Above these links is a basic search bar, plus options to change the site orientation from the default straight to gay porn, with trans porn option not being immediately available.

That does not however mean there’s no trans porn on AdultVideoFinder, because there’s a lot of it. But to access this, you will have to check out the shemale category in the category list at the left of all pages, or input shemale/trans into the search bar.

There are also Login, Signup, Mobile, and Favorite links at the top right of the homepage. Signing up is easy and requires just an email. I tried to sign up multiple times with different Gmail accounts, but for an undisclosed reason, I was unable to. That sucks and I hope I am not banned there for something or the other.

As expected, the My Favorites link only works if you are signed in, while the Mobile tab loads a mobile-optimized version of the site on your screen. It looks horrible on PC but is okay on mobile.

The rest of the site features consist of a barebones site logo on the top left, beneath which is a list of featured XXX sites and categories. Slave, Amateur, German, Anal Ass, Creampie, Hardcore, and Hentai are examples of the latter.

And that’s it. However, the bottom of the homepage hosts FAQ, Terms and Conditions, and DMCA links. But if you have questions, you better keep them to yourself because the FAQ here, as well as its Terms and Conditions sibling, are inactive. The DMCA link works though and tells you what you gotta do to have any video pulled.

Blessed Are The Wankers, For They Shall Orgasm!

     AdultVideoFinder has multiple daily updates and sources its smut from varied XXX sites. These sites are in the Featured Site link at the left of the page and include Nuvid, DrTuber, YouPorn, XVideos, and Pornhub.

To begin your search, you either enter a search term in the basic search bar or choose a category from the long list at the left of the page. Of course, you can opt to browse the video thumbnails on the homepage and the newest videos of all are loaded there by default. Sample video titles include Too Much Ass from Pornhub, Teen Latina BBC Anal Creampie via YouPorn, Riding the Dragon by XHamster and Super Hot Charley Chase Gives Her Man A Blowjob by Tube8.

Each video thumbnail on this porn search engine has a title, with the site the content is hosted on, the run time, approval rating and upload date being shown. That’s par for the course.

And of course, it bears noting that AdultVideoFinder is a porn search site, rather than a pornsite and this distinction means that no videos are hosted on AdultVideoFinder itself. Instead, AdultVideoFinder works as the middleman here, having a database encompassing nearly 20 big-name porn sites and their content and letting you search through this all with a click. That’s not too bad if I say so.

What I Think of AdultVideoFinder

I’ve tried hard to like it, but AdultVideoFinder is just not my thing. The site design for one is too dated and basic to impress even a brain-dead neanderthal and the relatively minimal number of user options is a big drawback.
I can’t recommend this porn search site, any more than I could tell you to go have intimate relations in all the styles listed in the Kamasutra with the nearest erupting volcano on the edge of the world!

adultvideofinder, AdultVideoFinder

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