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AdultForum Review

~ Pros ~

Tons of escort reviews

Active forum

Threads and posts galore

~ Cons ~

❌ Bleh site design and layout

❌ Wack escort profile look and arrangement

❌ Spam


    An adult forum is exactly what you imagine it to be. If you are expecting adult topics like how to raise and discipline children, take out the trash, save for your children’s college, and that sort of thing, you're gonna be very disappointed. Sure there are topics like that on adult forums, but sex and marvelous threesome fuckathons in the backyard of your humble abode during the full moon tend to be the main topics of discourse on such forums and so it is on AdultForum.co.nz.

    Here is my AdultForum.co.nz review. Read it and weep because I asked nicely!

Fuck It, Let’s Be Adults!

    If it is your first time on AdultForum.co.nz, you will be met with a page that informs you that the site is all about the kind of adult-related topics that can turn your hair gray and your cock stiffer than a snowman in a blizzard. You will also be warned to toddle off and go play with Lego bricks if that’s not your cup of tea. Stay around and you gonna learn about stuff, from health and fitness, to escort reviews, trans matters, kinks, sex stories, sex advice, escort news, and more here.

    Now, there are escort profiles on AdultForum, covering all sex and kinks. I would have readily detailed what these dudes and sluts charge for a roll in the hay, but it seems like they are keeping that information close to their chest and there is no sensible reason for that.

    Anyway, if pressed, I would say that the escorts on this site take the New Zealand average rate. That varies from 150 to 200 smackeroos per hour and is a little bit more than the average rate in the states. So, if you wanna bone a chick on this site, be aware that pussy is expensive in New Zealand and there’s nothing that can be done about it, short of forsaking all outside temptation and making your right hand your one and only love and means of orgasmic release!

Never Say No To A Proper Adult Fuck!

    You know how forums are. Them fuckers are typically set up to be as confusing as possible and I am fully convinced they were created to see if the rest of humanity still has the patience of Job, The Three Stooges and all the saints that have yet to lose their virginity and asshole cherry!

    Anyway, AdultForum.co.nz is not all that confusing but neither is it the most intuitive adult site around. That means you need some time to figure out how everything here meshes together and that time could have been better spent trawling the aisles of the local stores for the best Vaseline brands needed to advance your wanking ministry to the promised land!

    There are all varieties of threads and topics here, with the escort review thread being the biggest. Much thanks to fellas who have dedicated the rest of their live to making sure that we wankers get the best deal of our lives when booking escorts New Zealand. The reviews left by these fellas are as useful as they are entertaining and you should check out a few if there’s a New Zealand pussy you have on your wish list.

    Unsurprisingly, the escort profiles on this adult forum are anything but detailed and most seem to set up for connecting you with escort profiles on other sites. Contact details in the form of a phone number or website link are usually provided on profiles and there’s a short text of from 10 to 50 words that typically does not say much that is meaningful.

    A stock picture is often displayed in these escort profiles and this is usually as useful as a second navel, mainly because you can’t know if it a stock picture taken from the internet or an actual picture of the escort whose profile you are currently going through. And of course, there are no VIP or verified escorts and no way of knowing if a profile is genuine, or a scam being run by a Nigerian or Indian with an unpronounceable name and an enduring hunger for scamming every cent from your wallet!

    As for quality, I get the impression that escorts on the site are average. And I am almost certain that no one but an average escort with a cunt that everyone in town has seen the inside of and wrapped around their dick at least twice would advertise her wares and services on a forum like this.

Here’s Some Forum Magic!

    AdultForum looks like any typical forum and that means there’s more color on and in your asshole than on the homepage! There are plenty of tabs here, plus an advanced search option that isn’t as advanced as I thought. Threads dedicated to varied missions and objectives fill up most of the homepage and to the right is a selection of the newest escort reviews.

    There are no ads on this forum, but spam is in evidence and at the time of this review there were a less-than-impressive 336 users online, with only 54 of these fuckers being registered members.

What I Think Of AdultForum

    If you are after possibly the biggest batch of escort reviews that covers New Zealand escorts, then this site has it. And should you need health tips, and relationship advice, or want to learn from the sexual experience of others, then this too is the site for it. But I would never advise picking up escorts from AdultForum. Using the escort review section to find the escort of your dreams who fellas on the forum have drilled and given their seal of approval is another matter.

    So, depending on your needs, AdultForum might be something made in heaven, or a pile of bat shit that’s better off plastered on the face of your evil ex on her wedding day!

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