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AdultFanFiction Review

~ Pros ~

Free and open

Great content quality

Features galore


~ Cons ~ 

❌ Site design not the best

❌Can be confusing to use


    Sure you can watch a lot of porn and see things that make you stretch your boner so hard that it bleeds! But what of those who prefer exercising their cock and brain matter by reading erotic smut and sex stories? Well, they can sate their cravings at sex story sites and AdultFanFiction is a member of good standing of these sites.

    AdultFanFiction focuses on the varied aspects of writing erotic stories and can help you out if you are an author with writer’s block. If you are a new writer or intend to start writing about your exploits in boning the local girls and making them speak in tongues, there are quite a few site members who can advise and mentor you through the whole process. Pay attention to what they are saying and you could end up writing a blockbuster that makes every boner on the planet weep with immense joy and gladness!

    Now, if you are wondering what AdultFanFiction is like, here’s my AdultFanFiction review.

Horny Adult Fans!

    Entering the AdultFanFiction homepage is not possible unless you click a box that states you are at least 18-years old, wise as a serpent, and experienced in all the ways of hibernating your one-eyed snake in fat and comfy pussies! Actually, they didn’t say it like that, but that was how I interpreted it!

    The site design is a strictly functional affair, though I would wager that mashed potatoes have more color than it does! The top right of the homepage has the donation goal for October and that is $350 USD. Donate if you are feeling generous since the site is run by member donations.

    Now, we come to the tale of the tabs. AdultFanFiction has a representative selection of tabs and these help make the site usable. Tabs include Home, News, Member Tools, Forums, Archive, Info & Support, Advertising, Supporters, Donate, and log in. Most of these tabs have a pull-down menu, with the one found in the Login tab for instance making it possible for folks to either login in or register. Registration is free and takes one or two minutes depending on how fast you can enter your details.

    The main tabs and their title are mostly self-explanatory, but I will still spend time going through a few. The News tab gets you the latest stuff related to the page forum or the varied contests that are running on the site. The Members tab lets you search for members or stories, check out the hall of shame, go through the member directory, and more.

    The Forums tab exposes you to all the forum topics here and you can sort these out to know the most active ones worth following. Forum topics include Lily’s Dad, King Arthur In Ever After High, and Vali Fucks Issei Mother. When I logged in, less than 20 forum topics had activity in the last 24 hours. That is not an impressive statistic.

    The Archives tab on the other hand appears to be where all the fun is. It has a pull-down menu that lets you select from an eyewatering array of content, from games, manga, and books to comics and movie screenplays.

    I am still talking about what’s on the homepage, remember. Now, apart from tabs, there’s plenty of other stuff on the homepage. The page is in fact occupied with notifications from the site admins, with the last one being in early 2018 and the first occurring in 2016.

Stories For Unlimited Cumming!

    AdultFanFiction is all about adult stories, right? You can be sure it would be very unprofessional not to read a fair number of these stories and read them I did!

    Remember the Archives tab I was talking about? There’s a Lord of the Rings section on it. This section intrigued me to no end and I spent some time checking out the stories to be found there. Basically, these stories draw on the Lord of the Rings universe, but they are certainly very XXX rated!

    All fiction here and elsewhere come with a title and brief description, plus the date they were published, their rating, no of chapters and reviews if any. Content tags are also featured in each work. Sample titles include Fallen Shield, Mending the Broken Pieces, Three is Freedom, and the Woes of Celebrian.

    There are 157 pages of content in this particular section, stretching all the way back to 2002. It is basically a goldmine for Lord of the Ring aficionados who are hornier than most!

    Content here and elsewhere features clickable categories that perform sorting functions. Content quality is generally great and most stories are entertaining enough to make you wish you could write like that and bang a chick like the male protagonist!

    Anyway, if stories, games, adult comics and more are not your thing, you can always migrate to the Forums page and there yak away on anything your brain matter feel up to processing!

What I Think

    AdultFanFiction sure does go above and beyond the call of duty where sinful entertainment is concerned! The site is not easy to use, but it is free, plus loaded with great features and content. It is an easy recommendation and should make you a better writer, plus a more dedicated wanker!

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