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7Chan Review

~ Pros ~

7Chan, 7ChanLots of porn categories and topics

7Chan, 7ChanLots of hentai porn

7Chan, 7ChanQuality porn gifs

7Chan, 7ChanMembers are allowed a lot of posting

~ Cons ~ 

7Chan, 7ChanSome illegal porn here too

7Chan, 7ChanScanty posting

7Chan, 7ChanNo porn videos

7Chan, 7ChanDifficult to use for newbies


    First of all, 7Chan.org is not the same as 4Chan. Sure, the two share similar ambitions, but 7Chan is a relatively less notorious and more affable version of 4Chan, which is saying something indeed.

    7Chan has more than a few boards focused on various niches and tastes. It also has a porn section where folks go to share the most shocking or fap-worthy images and thoughts in their collection…. Here comes our 7Chan review.

7Chan For The Chan!

    In the matter of homepages, 7Chan has one that could never be said to be attractive. The site homepage is a stark wonderland and in our view is as pretty as a blank cement wall. Still, this is an image board site, not a fashion house, so we will cut it some slack.

    There are recent posts and images at the top of the page. The images we could see looked like they were drawn by a toddler with a nappy full of crap. The main page is taken up by News, FAQ, and Rules and to the right of this is a selection of boards.

    The porn board is the very last board on the page. A click on the + button beside it expands this board and you get a list of all the XXX-themed boards that call it home. There’s a total of 16 boards here and they range from Hentai, Furry, Shotacon, Porn Comics and Crossdressing to Uniforms and Animated GIFs.

It’s A 420, Pardner!

    The Animated GIFs board drew our attention and we soon found ourselves exploring it. There were however just 5 pages of this and though the GIFs were plentiful and cock-engorging, 5 pages of content are simply not enough for anyone to fap to on the regular.

     The Sexy Beautiful Women and the Sexy Beautiful Men boards both ran to 8 pages apiece. The former had enough nude images of the ladies to make any cock happy, while the latter had too many dick pics for our liking.

    The Erotic Literature board might well be the most entertaining. This is where erotic literature focusing on sex, relationships and more can be pored over, with sample titles being composed of stuff like Backyard Princess, A Loving Family, The Laws of Hospitality and A Sitting Service.

    The Porn Comics board is quite good too, though this as well runs to just 8 pages. There’s Loli porn in the Delicious board, while The Vineyard Board well might be the oddest board of all, focusing as it does on folks who like the feel of making love to fine wine and the bottles they come with.

What We Think

    7Chan does not disappoint. There’s stuff here for any taste, from porn to just about anything the mind can imagine. However, the porn is mostly Hentai-focused, the site design is a joke and videos are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

    Overall though, 7Chan.org makes its presence felt and is worth a trip to.