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520cc Review

~ Pros ~

Active place

~ Cons ~

❌ Enough ads to blind a mule

❌ No multiple language support

❌ The site can be quite confusing to use

❌ Weird name

❌ Not that much content


    As charming and a welcome break as it might be, I regret to say that I am not here to review a 500cc motorbike. And talking of bikes, I sure got my eyes on a 3rd gen Suzuki Hayabusa and hope to get some of y’all kidnapped and your livers removed and sold so that I can afford a hyperbike like that! And once I get that two-wheeled rocket-ship in my garage, I am heading to Mars and won’t be back in this life!

    Okay, fellas. 520cc is an adult forum and it is my sworn duty today to get it spreadeagled on my table, examine the fuckety fuck out of it and tell y’all my observations and recommendations!
Here is my 520cc.cc review. Read it and weep and go motorboat your step-sis if it is the last thing you do!

Get CCs of Cum Juice In You While You Can!

    520cc.cc looks quite a bit like the majority of adult forums out there. That of course means it looks like shit.

    Actually though, this Asian forum has a homepage that’s considerably more expansive than most of its peers. White is the background color and it looks fetching, but the whole thing is done by the number of flashing ads atop the page. These ads are stubborn little fuckers that blink like hell and stay on your screen even if your adblocker is on. I guess I need to spray them with holy pee from my holy dick before they can take a one-way trip to the ass end of hell!

    Chinese is the default language here and there are no language options to be seen. So, if you are visiting this adult forum, be like me and enlist the help of translating software to find your way around. Or you are gonna be standing and muttering to yourself while looking like a fool with a mule that rules the bulls in the cool part of town or something!

    Now, the top of the page is where you find the aforementioned ads, plus multiple basic search options, main tabs, and login/registration options. Damn, these ads really blink without letup and that quickly grows tiresome. Needless to say, if you are the sort who gets triggered to violence by flashing ads, then this adult forum might be the weapon fashioned against you and is not to be visited on pain of death, dismemberment, and disfellowship!

    And oh, if you have your ad blocker on, this site will send you periodic notices to turn it off. Yeah, the constant deluge of ads you are already subjected to with your ad blocker on is not enough for them and they want to drown you in the ocean of ads that will be unleashed once you turn off your ad blocker. The nerve! Oh, the cock-melting nerve of it all!

Mama Loves A Good Dick!

    So, there are two columns of slideshows on this forum. The first row will only take you to a different Asian XXX site filled with what I presume to be cam models, and the stuff in the second row cannot be accessed unless you are logged in. That sucks and I don’t know why some forums like this one choose to act like royal gatekeepers of the smut palace. As if they are fit for guiding anything bigger than a fart born from a rotten egg of the sort that comes from overly hairy assholes!

    Scroll a bit down and you can check out the most recent comments on this adult forum. Up next is a beginner guide, announcements, and threads where you can get introduced to serious cumming businesses of the potentially cum-evacuating variety!

    Now, I’ve said it before, but there are places on this site that you cannot visit unless you got your membership card in the crack of your ass. And that sort of thing never made any sense to me. But then I guess I have been spoiled by too many forums in the US and elsewhere willingly and obsessively opening their doors wide to everyone who shows the slightest willingness to visit. So, secretive forums that limit what you do and see are not something I am very used to and their existence does not make the slightest bit of sense to me. That’s unless they are hawking the worn panties and cum/pee/shit-filled undies of the top 100 celebs on the globe!

    Anyway, I was able to access some amateur photos on 520cc. The majority were of very poor quality though and I could almost swear they were taken 10 years ago and with a Nokia feature phone. Was able to access a few videos too and they were nothing special. Want the good stuff here? Then you gotta get a membership card and I would rather insert a heated metal toothpick into my urethra than do that!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of 520cc

    Adult forums are typically useful in some way. They might look like shit, or be in a language other than English, but the fact that they are content-crammed and easy to access might have me singing their praises.

    520cc, on the other hand, sounds more like a specific bike model than an adult forum. The number of ads on the site is frankly concerning, especially to those who are susceptible to blinking ads and lights that trigger seizures. And yeah, in-your-face ads like that piss me the hell off and are a danger.

    This Asian forum is not that big or active and nothing about it impresses. Hell, I could fart and get more applause for it than this site could ever get for its content! So yeah, I am not recommending 520cc in this world, the next, and the one to come after the next and y’all are better off fucking a watermelon rind than checking out this site!

520cc, 520cc

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