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4Chan Review

~ Pros ~

Free porn

Users can download and upload lots of shit porn

Anonymous posting of porn

Guided use

Very active community

~ Cons ~

❌ Very tight rules

❌ Unclear porn niches

❌ Some boards are really wack


    Just about anyone on the internet must have heard of 4Chan at one point or the other. Few have anything good to say about this message board and it is perpetually involved in one intense controversy or the other.

    Some call 4Chan the asshole of creation and they are right at times. We, however, think it has a lot of uses and anyway we are the kind of pervs who like tight assholes!

    So what is 4Chan.org like? Keep reading and get some schooling!

Diving Into Sweet Assholes!

    4Chan has been active since 2004 and in that time has won a reputation as a site where the wildest, nastiest, freakiest and most disreputable stuff can be found and explored. Tons of shit yearly comes from 4Chan and some of that occasionally end up as memes you and we get to laugh at.

    The site is a message board of gigantic proportions and just about all imaginable topics are fully covered. On 4Chan folks are supposed to post images and accompany this with text if they feel like it.

    The site design is nice and standard. For a message board, it is not half bad. A box containing a list of all message boards is located in the middle of the homepage and near the bottom is a list of some of the most popular threads. This includes business and finance, mecha, music, video games, television & film, Pokemon and international.

    There’s a filtering option that can be used to tweak the kind of boards that appear within this box.

Boards Of Fun

    4Chan message boards are the stuff the most fab dreams are made of! They are so deep you could dive into one and never emerge from within its depths for weeks or months!

    There’s boards dedicated to Japanese culture and porn, as well as video games, international news, art and so many more. The adult board is labeled NSFW and is certainly not the kind of thing you can explore at the office.

    Here can be found boards devoted to ecchi, Hentai, hardcore and cartoon porn, nude images of both sexes, adult cartoons and requests to identify this or that XXX star. There’s even a Torrents board and a High-Resolution board. The later makes available high res images of the most fuckable women, including celebrities, while the Torrents board is where to get torrents for stuff we are not prepared to think of.

    Maybe it is a couple of guys fucking a slut in her ear. But like we said, we don’t want to know about that!

    Possibly the best thing about 4Chan.org is that everything on this site -and there are a ton and half of it- are easily accessible to all. There’s no need for anyone to register and anonymity is assured. That means you can go there and mouth off your fantasies, no matter how deep and depraved they might be. Regardless of your tastes, you are almost certain to find kindred spirits on 4Chan.

    Some boards on this site do have strict rules. But otherwise, anything goes on 4Chan.

What We Think

    4Chan.org can be a really dark place or a place of fun and laughter depending on individual preferences. The site is broad as fresh sin, massively and almost impossibly entertaining and full of the most depraved stuff that humanity can think up and execute.

    This is not a site for everyone. But those who seek adult and all-round general entertainment are unlikely to find it nowhere else than at 4Chan.

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