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18Porno Review

~ Pros ~

Free teen porn

No login or sign in required

Content is of good/great quality

~ Cons ~

❌ Too crammed

❌ Ad's

❌Not that much content

❌Few full-length videos


    There’s just something about teen porn that always makes my cock think it is being boiled alive, before being forced to give up jism in sufficient quantities to refloat an actual battleship! Them teens sure are pretty, tight all over, and want it so much, at least according to the many teen porn videos I have spent a lot of nights fapping over.

    Now, if teen porn is the kind of niche that makes your prostate ramp up cum production, I am most happy to tell you that there are plenty XXX sites out there that specialize in nothing but teen porn. Yes, all content on such sites is all about teens and barely legal ones at that having their legs spread, their tight pussies widened and their assholes plowed more savagely than you could do with an actual John Deere tractor!

    In case you were wondering why I have been blathering about teen porn, it is because I am reviewing a teen porn site today. It calls itself 18Porno.TV. Here’s my 18Porno review.

All Teen Pussies Must Perish!

    18Porno has the standard porn homepage look and just might be the most crammed XXX site I have seen this month. Yeah, the site design is attractive, but the homepage is very crammed with what at first sight can be taken for porn pics. These have percentages like 72%, 56%, and 81%. Of course, the bigger the percentage better, as these are actually user upvotes. Hover your cursor on any of the images on the homepage and you get a runtime, plus a title, while the scene plays in slideshow format.

    Apart from a homepage that’s crammed to the rafters with content dedicated to teen pussies and assholes getting the cumming anointing delivered to them, 18Porno also has more than a few tabs. These are the Home, Latest, Best Video, Most Popular, XXX Teen Porno, and Categories. There’s a search bar as well, and this occupies the top right of the homepage. Next to this search bar is a language option, but humorously the only language you can choose from there is English. From that, I can infer that either the site admins have a good sense of humor, or they have overdosed on teen pussy juice and need their skulls hammered open and holy water poured into their craniums!

    So, the Latest, Most Popular, and Best Video tabs all do what they say, while the XXX Teen Porno tab will take you to NineteenTube.com. The Categories tab is better, with this having enough categories to make you wish you bought that bigger jar of Vaseline the last time you went to the store! Supported categories here include Asian, Babes, Big Black Cock, 69, Amateur, Hairy Pussy, and FFM.

     You can click the All Categories option in the Category tab and get treated to image thumbnails of all supported categories here, complete with a number that indicates how many videos each category can boast of. Just so you know, Big Cock, Blowjob, and Brunette have the most content here. Now that you know this, it's time you did something with that information!

Teen, Tight, And Tremendously Erotic!

    Now, most videos on 18Porno are on the short side. So, if you are expecting full-length stuff it might be best you went to your local cinema!

    Right on the homepage of this teen porn tube was an image thumbnail that I kept returning to. It showed an ebony babe with big jugs, dreamy eyes, and an otherworldly beautiful face. Her legs were spread, and a huge cock had just unloaded a shipload of cum on her groin. This video had a rating of 71% and hovering my cursor over it let me know that it was just a little over 12 minutes long and was titled Slutty Devyn Divine Banged By A Wicked Long Cock.

    As you can imagine, I watched this video with one hand on my cock and the other next to the phone in case what I saw pushed me over the edge into madness! Just so you know, Devyn Divine is more than slutty and beautiful. She’s also one of the best cock-suckers I have ever seen, with perhaps the most perfect and all-natural breasts I have come across this week and the kind of bubble butt that Satan was unable to resist digging into and was exiled from heaven for!

    After this, I went through a fair number of the videos on show, using the Latest and Best Video category tabs to winnow the field. Videos here all play super-smoothly and are of great quality. There’s a fair number of video options too, plus tags and categories. However, once you click on an image to play a video, you are taken to a new page that just like the homepage is crammed with related videos and ads. The whole thing is off-putting.

    And lest I forget, user comments are supported on all videos and videos come from sites like Tiny4K, X Sensual, Porn Pros, Teens Love Anal, and 18Porno itself.

What I Think

    18Porno is good for the purpose, but not terribly excellent, with the over-crammed site design being the most off-putting thing about it. If you are prepared to overlook that, the ads, and the relative lack of content, then you are assured of many orgasmic days and nights!

18porno, 18Porno

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