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Yuvutu Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of categories

Simplistic website design

~ Cons ~

❌ Low-quality videos abound

❌ Low number of languages in the selection

❌ Lacking interesting content

❌ Shady dating section


    Yuvutu sounds like what a magician might yell out while he’s trying to do a magic trick or maybe when he’s cumming into his whoring assistant. Make no mistake, the free porn site; Yuvutu.com would also like nothing better than to make your sack-load of pent-up jizz to disappear in a puff with their site and content but that’s for me to judge. And in this court, I am the judge, jury, fapper, and executioner.

    It is my important task here today to check out what kinda vibe this site has got and what the flavor of the smut on display tastes like. So, if you’re feeling nervous or squeamish, you might want to suck on a strap-on for confidence because this Yuvutu review is gonna be one hell of a ride.

Sliding into Yuvutu First Experience

    At first glance, you’ll find yourself in a simple homepage that is as minimalist as it gets as far as free porn sites go. Most of the business is in the front and the party is in the back. There are tons of thumbnails out front showing videos that are named without any effort whatsoever. You’ll probably also discover that these videos out front are the latest uploaded so you’ll see one porn video divided into 4 new videos.

    Well, the principal color of this porn site is Purple, and word on the street is that this color was specifically chosen to make you feel comfortable, safe, and protected, exactly like being in a pimp’s purple pimpmobile at midnight making that shameless selection that your cum-filled sacks demands urgently from you.

    Speaking of colors, Yuvutu caters to just about every color on the Rainbow flag. On the homepage the section called Channel, you get to pick what type of porn they’ll display to you. So you got the following options to wank off to; Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Cock Shots, TV/TS/Bi, and also the options to choose if you want Amateur and Professional content. Beside Channel is Filter and let me just say both sections could’ve been one so we can all get to the wanking part quicker.

    Filter gives you the following options; Most Viewed, Hottest, and Most Recent. You can filter your porn searches for example to videos that are most viewed today, this week, this week, and all time. To be fair to them that filter shit is needed after seeing the unholy amount of latest uploaded low-quality videos on the homepage. Now you can simply add peer pressure to your fetishes and just jack it to whatever other sheep find worthy of being watched.

Categories and other Sections Bared Open

    With the categories having up to 70 sections with varying amounts of videos uploaded on each section, Yuvutu is walking around here thinking it is as thick as the women I like to pound especially on cold nights, but I noticed some missing popular categories like CFNM, Gokkun and others that you’re definitely gonna feel their absence when you’re on your pervy hunt.

    There are only 6 languages on this porn site and they all happen to be major languages. Yeah, I can see English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, and German but what about the rest of the world? If you don’t understand any of those languages when you’re on here then the porn site may as well double as a major language learning classroom for you. Just be sure not to take home too many Ds.

    If you’re not only a wanker but also a philanthropist there’s a part of this porn site that is a literal cry for help from them. The section happens to be the only one colored in yellow and is on the top right corner with the words “Support us now” in bold in case you didn’t notice it already. Now they know of course that most people coming to this free porn site would rather give them their used-up crusty sock than whip out their credit cards. So they throw in some benefits that are supposed to seduce you like No Ads, Gift Credits, Downloadable videos, Free live Chat, and a bunch of other shit that only concerns the interested wanking humanitarian.

    Just like with most other porn sites around these days, you’re gonna need to register for Yuvutu to get some of the perky perks they won’t allow the rest of the window-shopping online peasant wanking tourists to enjoy. One of these perks is the dating option. Yeah, this porn site doesn’t only wanna give you the material to fap to but they also wanna play matchmaker too.

    There’s a questionnaire in that dating section since they’re trying to narrow your search to your match. There’s a slut called “titfuck1” that has a smoking hot profile picture and a bunch of other girls shown as possible matches but be warned, there’s a high probability that you’ll end up with Hulk Hogan in your bed if you do end up following this porn site dating path and physically meeting any of the “real” women there.

What The Porn Guy Thinks of Yuvutu

    After a real careful dissection of Yuvutu, I feel like I’ve finally seen enough. Exciting Porn sites are supposed to feel like an electric shock up your pole. That’s how you know you’ve stumbled upon the site you know is gonna cost you a lot of bodily fluids that you’ll be ever so happy to give freely. That is not the case with Yuvutu. The only shock I feel is up my ass since watching the boring and underwhelming content on this porn site is enough to make me question why I am sitting this long for this shit. If you’re the type to drive slow in the fast lane I believe this porn site has you in mind to be a part of their audience.

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