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YouPornGay Review

~ Pros ~

youporngay, YouPornGayFeatures your favorite gay pornstars

youporngay, YouPornGayFree to see videos

youporngay, YouPornGayFully dedicated to the best gay content

youporngay, YouPornGayVideos can be watched on HD and 4K

youporngay, YouPornGayThe site design is damn good

~ Cons ~ 

youporngay, YouPornGay

Most videos are less then 10 minutes

youporngay, YouPornGayDoes not load well with Adblocker

youporngay, YouPornGayThe site has some security issues with viewers’ browsing histories

    We have been taking a look at the gay porn scene lately and we must say the screams and groans of the men as tremendous boners shred their tiny buttholes will haunt us for the rest of our lives! And keep us forever hard too!

    The gay porn site under review today is YouPornGay. Its name does sound a little cheesy, but it has some compelling selection of gay XXX scenes, including some that were acted by the biggest pros. Have a look at our review down below and keep some lube handy just in case!

You Gay You Porn is exclusively devoted to gay porn. That means you are not going to see images or clips of naked brunettes with their legs spread so wide their cunt threatens to split in two!

    YouPornGay appears to be part of the Pornhub Network and this helps account for the massive amount of gay porn to be found here. There are the usual site logo and search bar, as well as a tab that directs folks to a VR mode. Just imagine watching the content on YouPornGay via VR headset. We can almost guarantee that the experience will leave your cock tied in twists!

    Now, the site has a very simple design. There are Videos and Categories pull-down tabs, plus Live Sex, Premium HD, Live Cams and Channels tabs. Incidentally, there’s a very long list of categories arranged in categories like Number, Orientation, Hair, Body Details and Nationality.

    The homepage contains videos arranged by the most recent, hottest and free. All videos come with a title, plus tags that show their run time, the channel that made them available and the resolution in which they can be played.

    One video on the homepage caught our eagle eyes. The title was Arab Straight Dude Gets Gay Head. The opener featured a man getting handsy with the booty of a guy lying nude on a table, before both get all nasty. There are options to play videos in fullscreen mode, add it to a Favorites list, share it, downvote or upvote it and the like.

    There are lots of category tabs that accompany each video. That makes it easy to hook up with similar content. For example, among the categories tabs listed on the abovementioned video was Big Dick and that was what we clicked on. This led us to a section filled with content related to the biggest dicks this world has ever known! Here, you will find titles like 2 Dicks In One Hole, FunSizeBoys- Small Boy Takes Huge Cock Bareback Gets Tiny Hole Filled and Cute Boy Fucks His Older Stepbrother.

    There are no video playback issues on this site and videos play quite smoothly, apart from being available in a variety of resolutions. Video previews are also possible and are activated by hovering a cursor on the video of your choice. Most of the content appears to feature amateur performances, but the quality is good.

What We Think

    There’s some very hardcore content here, enough to keep most happy and content for a couple of centuries at least! This site has a simple design, is accessible for free and apart from a few ads is sweet and charming to use.

    Overall, if it is sweet gay amateur porn that you need, YouPornGay has enough to make you yell for your mama!