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XXXTik Review

~ Pros ~

Free and no ads

Decent stash of different content

Simple site design

HD Content

~ Cons ~

❌ Very wack  range of site features

❌ Content is not dated and the updates are unclear

❌ No fullscreen or theater mode

❌ Search bar has no advanced search functions


    Got a properly ticking heart that’s still in good enough shape to apply a surplus of blood to your aroused phallus? Then you are fortunate and must house the aforesaid phallus in as many new slits as there are legs to spread!

     Now, this is the age of social media and I am quite sure that none among you can say they have not heard of TikTok. As you know, there are all kinds of people on that platform and a lot of them focus on delivering X-rated content of a decidedly cock-engorging nature. Some sites collate such content and XXXTik is one of them.

    Here’s my XXXTik review and may it keep your boner in an excitedly ticking shape!

Shameless Sluts Galore!

     Yeah, I always knew that TikTok was packed with sluts and thots, but it took a trip to XXXTik to make me realize I had underestimated the scale. The whole place is crammed with video image thumbnails of a bigger-than-average size. These rather unusually lack titles. All that’s present are multiple tags, plus what at first looks like the TikTok handle of these thots, but is actually the handle of the peeps that posted the stuff on XXXTik.

     Now, XXXTik has a pretty normal site design. If there’s flash and dazzle I can guarantee that is not enough to fill a thimble! Black is used as the site background color and that is in my view a wrong choice, with a lighter color likely to do a better job of helping the site stand out. And there’s no Light mode just in case you get tired of the site background color.

     You get a site logo at the top left of the homepage, decorated with a Christmas tree no less. There is Feed, Explore and Profile tabs at the top middle of the page and all pages, plus PornDude and Live Sex tabs/buttons at the far right. Clicking the Profile tab here lets you either sign in or sign up and the latter is free. Speedy too.

     Know why you should sign up? Well, membership on XXXTik grants you such privileges as being able to upload content you stole off social media, or almost anywhere else. Plus you can follow folks on XXXTik with the same passions and wanking interests as your noble self!

     So, the Profile tab can only be used for its intended purpose if you are signed up, while clicking the Explore tab will unveil a page sporting a search bar atop it, plus interesting tags and categories worth looking into. The rest of the tabs do what they say, with the Live Sex tab for example taking you and your extended family as well straight to Redgifcams.

Getting The Best Of XXXTik

     XXXTik might not have enough eye candy to give cataracts to a gargoyle! But it is still an immensely simple site that you could traipse through while blindfolded with a thick roll of barbed wire and with both hands covering your most precious possessions down below!

     The content on the site lacks dates and that makes the update frequency an imprecise guesswork affair. Just below the main tabs and above the video image thumbnails on the homepage are some category tabs like Big Ass, Booty, Asian, Blonde, and Amateur. These are multicolored and there’s no way they can be missed. Nevertheless, a proper category tab would have been a much better thing.

     Now, as I said before, there’s a lot of content packed on this leak site. Getting to the bottom of it all requires more patience than Job was able to manage, mostly because the page constantly refreshes with new content as you scroll down it.

     Oddly though, clicking on a video image thumbnail will play it not on a new page, but on the homepage itself. Videos cannot even be watched in full screen/theater mode and their size is the same as their image thumbnails.

    However, you can manually open a video in a new tab by clicking that particular option, but the fact that this is not the default mode is concerning. And even then, watching videos in a new tab does nothing to affect their size. Yeah, they are still tiny- about the size of a postcard.

    Playback options also let you watch videos in HD, copy the video link and go right to where the video was obtained from. And the source is usually RedGIFs.com.

    Videos here are short, as they should be. Most are under a minute long and if you want to wank to them you have to be fast at it!

     One video uploaded by #VibeWithMolly showed a nude lass bent over and being fucked in her puckered asshole, with her pussy lips sticking out out and looking jealous at the attention the bootyhole was getting! Another showed a guy in a wheelchair being face-fucked by a lithe, sexy girl with nothing on. This took place in public by the way, with folks cheering on the two.

     And there was the 2-second clip by #Prandgrcpl of a rather beautiful Latina chick shaking her awesomely full pair of breasties and their massive aureoles while soulfully starring at the camera. Damn, I need to find and wife this bitch something urgent!

What I Think XXXTik

     There’s a better chance that I would cram a rocket into my asshole and get shot into space on the 4th of July than there is of my recommending this leak site. XXXTik simply does nothing to impress, delight and thrill and is not worth the effort of getting to hate or think about.

    However, you could be quite happy here if you were to lower your expectations and if your only focus is on watching TikTok sluts doing their thing and showing off the color of their ever-greedy snatches!

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