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XXXData Review

~ Pros ~

Free and ads

Dope usability

~ Cons ~

❌ Dated and wonky site design

❌ Wack site features

❌ Very short videos

❌ Content update schedule is a mystery


    Fuck yeah! This is no data site. But best believe they are watching what you do on their site and will be selling that information to advertisers and the like.

    So, XXXData.net is a strangely named XXX site that hosts a kinda strange collection of smut and here’s my XXXData.net review. Read it for the data in the matter over who will father the fapper, or something of that nature!

Data-Rich To The Cumming Limit!

    XXXData.net has a homepage that’s jam-packed with enough data to make any ardent fapper so happy he could fly around the world while being propelled by the high-speed stream of his ejaculate! It has content from a variety of sources, with varied sexual acts featured, from vanilla sex to cosplay, fetish play, JOI, and plastic dick riding.

    Unfortunately, however, the content on the homepage does not intuitively refresh and load up some more smut once you are at the bottom of the homepage, nor is there a Load More option that lets you do this manually. That’s bad. But thankfully, only a portion of the site content is actually on the homepage.

    And there’s something- the video image thumbnails on the homepage for the most part look kinda faded. That’s a sign that the content they host will be of average or middling quality. I am talking 480p or so here. But I will know for sure when I dive deeper into the video collection on this XXX site.

    Now, XXXData.net honestly looks like one of those sites that used to be popular like 15-20 years ago. There’s a stubbornly dated look about it, and not even the reasonable number of videos on the homepage will make you think it is anything other than a 60-year old trying to compete in a twerking competition with teens. Stuff like that gets you shocked to the marrow and filled with pity too.

    The homepage here was a background color of white, with a black header at the top. Within this header are tags, categories, and pornsite and escort site links arranged in no particular order. There are no tabs, not a solitary one, and the content sorting here is performed with the aforementioned tags and category links, as well as the basic search bar at the top right of the homepage. More tags and categories like Originity Sex, Big Ass Mom Pornstar HD, Rabia Ashraf, Mia XNXX, and Ebony Grannies Squirt Creampies are at the bottom of the homepage.

    Frankly, this site is a massive disappointment. I don’t see it surviving beyond a year and I have no idea how it is still up. It might have been okay decades ago when the internet was slower than a turtle playing kissy-kissy with Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse, but it is hopelessly outdated in this day and age. And what’s with the lack of tabs and user options? Damn, this is one fucked up site, but better wait for the end of this review when I tell you what I think of XXXData.net.

Downloading Cock Data Pronto!

    Bruce Wayne Fucks Catwoman- Dark Knight XXX Parody. How’s that for a porn title? This video is exactly one minute long and was taken/borrowed from the duo of Pornhub/Vivid.com. These two superheroes went at it like the world was being nuked the next day! Bruce Wayne sure must be a machine or have something against Catwoman with the way he was pumping into/pounding the snot out of her snatch! I really would like to see the rest of this video because I have a nagging suspicion that the kind of fuck Catwoman went through here would cause little bratty bats to start leaking from her snatch on the double!

    Other sample titles include Maserati XXX, Peta Jensen- Captain America A XXX Parody, Virgin Ass XXX Porn Video, and Latin Babe XXX. There’s actually like 4-5 smut here titled Maserati XXX and while all show the famous ebony star, the content is not the same. Yeah, multiple smut with the same name but different content, which is a classy amateur move by site admins too lazy to do their jobs.

    Anyway, I began my fapping workout by going to the list of tags at the bottom of the homepage and choosing Rabia Ashraf. I thought I was in for a treat, since that sounded like the name of an Asian star or something. But this particular 1-minute long video was of a chick cowering on a bed with her eyes squeezed shut, while a fella cummed all over her face. In another video titled Choose Your Fighter, four chicks squatted on a settee and twerked for all they were worth, which incidentally wasn’t much. None of them got nude or anything though and I was forced to put my slick cock back in my undies!

    Then I came across a video titled Pussy Stack. It was just 50 seconds long and shown was 5 girls dressed in their birthday suits and stacked atop each other. Fucking this pussy stack one at a time was the great Johnny Sins. This video was taken from SinsLife.com and is too short for any proper wanking.

    Now, video image thumbnails list just the title and lack any preview feature. There’s no date or content run time in these thumbnails and absolutely no way to know how many videos there are and what the upload consistency is. Plus videos are invariably short and we are talking a minute or less here. Some are HD, but most aren’t and the embedded video player is a very basic fucker that won’t let you adjust video quality, playback speed or stuff like that. All you can do is start and stop videos and decide if you want to watch them on fullscreen or not. At least, videos load exceptionally fast and play without buffering or any sort of issues.

What I Think

    First off, XXXData is a fucked up name for a pornsite. And even if it wasn't, it is too firmly average, dated, and poor in features to hope for any recommendation from me or any sane human. In short, XXXData just isn’t it, not now or ever.

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