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XXXBios Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Easy to navigate the site

Top 10 list of almost everything you need to know about porn

Biographies of most of your favorite pornstar

~ Cons ~

❌ Some of the information on the site is old

❌ The site isn't regularly updated


    Gone are the days when people just watched porn at random. Now you no longer have to endure watching bad porn since you can't lay your hands on good quality. There are so many decent porn sites producing and displaying amazing content you can spend your boners on. Well, that’s if only you know where to look. But there is more to porn than just watching videos. It's all about taste, and with the evolution of porn, I can boldly say there is enough for every horny pervert out there and right here.

    Porn has grown to become a lucrative industry. The industry is thriving with different studios making good quality porn for the ever-horny porn community, even as stars become more famous. Nowadays, the average porn lover would already have his favorite pornstar. He would also enjoy watching some categories of porn. That's why one needs to visit a directory before a random porn site. Information they say is key, and this is true even when it comes to jerking-off satisfactorily.

    My focus today is on XXXbios.com. This is a porn directory that I hope has all you need to help you get to the right kind of porn. I believe that you shouldn't just watch porn. You should watch only the kind of porn that excites you. So it's only right I x-ray XXXbios.com to see if it's exactly what you need. Well, here’s my XXXbios review to that effect.

Sweet Ole Homepage For Inquisitive Cocks

    The moment I saw the homepage, I knew that I would love this site. The website is, in my opinion, one of the most user-friendly porn sites I have come across. Everything is so arranged on the Page with thumbnails placed in sections. The thumbnails are arranged in three sections on the page, with special banners featuring select stars in between.

    The first section of the homepage houses the top 10 list. Here you will find almost all the top stuff in porn you can think of. From the top 20 Instagram pornstars, through the top 30 hottest black pornstars, top 23 hottest Latina, and even more. If you can't find the list you want, then you can click on the “view all top 10s” icon. One thing is clear, this site will not only entertain you, it will also educate you.

    Next is the section dedicated to only female pornstars. It looks quite similar to the top 10 section until you go a bit further. This section contains the biographies of some of your favorite female pornstars. If you wish to know more about your favorite pornstar, then this section is where you should be. You would have to be a little patient as you load more thumbnails in this section to see the bios. Alternatively, you can input the pornstar's name in the search box at the top right of the website.

    The third section on the home page is reserved for the latest happenings in the porn world. The full list of the most recent winners of prestigious porn awards like Xbiz, AVN, and XRCo. Down the page are icons displaying the list of categories, favorites, and recent posts. This feels like a replica of everything at the upper part of this page, but for easy navigation, I think it's a good idea.

Good Porn Information

    You might never understand how important a directory is until you find yourself struggling for hours in search of porn. The internet is full of porn, but lots of them are of low quality. To locate a good porn site on XXXbios.com, simply click on the top porn sites icon in the list of categories. Transporn lovers can also click on the TS Pornstar icon to launch themselves into a world of sexy chics with big dicks and testicles half the size of the moon. On the “best pornstars” page, you will also find the list of the top 10 best TS porn sites of the year.

    This site doesn't house videos. But why will you be looking for videos in a directory? I understand that your cock is rock hard and making it pretty difficult for you to think straight, but come on horny hung stud! Porn directories do not host videos, so try not to think with your cock, at least for now. Directories only give you all the information you need to be an informed porn viewer. I would expect that for you to be searching for a porn directory, you are not just an average porn fan like me. You are a dedicated porn lover. Well, cheers to our testicles, I found you a new porn library to take your search for snatches getting snacked on to the next level.

What I Think

    This website is all shades of sweet and easy. Speaking of user-friendliness, XXXbios.com is a stand-out website. Even though most of the information here is a bit old, it is still relevant today. You will find just about any information about porn you desire on this website. Following their recommendations, you will definitely find good quality porn as you get to know more about your favorite pornstars. So what I’m trying to say is, bury your boner’s brains here, so it gets some better direction in your search for the perfect jerk-off accompaniment.

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