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x videos porn site

XVideos Review

~ Pros ~

Clean site, Easy to navigate

Most popular porn site in the world

Each video shows whether its 360-720-1080P

Upload your own content and make money

~ Cons ~

❌ Not many full length videos in high quality

❌ Annoying gif ad to the right of the video

❌ Videos dont have a good rating system


Just how long have you been fapping and fingering your tender regions? If you have been at it for a few weeks at least, there’s no way on this cum-soaked earth you have not come across XVideos.

XVideos.com is by itself one of the biggest, most visited and most famous XXX  sites on planet earth. It is on XVideos that serious fappers come to with all eagerness, intent on jerking their privates around and cumming so hard they might need to pick their cock or cunt off the floor hours later!

Plenty X In The Vids!

    XVideos came to life in 2007. We have never been good at maths, but that looks like a  long time! So, the site records billions not millions of views monthly and gets a lot of good and bad press, but that’s no skin off our nose or butt!

So, we are reviewing XVideos today and to be honest, we are a little terrified. If we botch the XVideos review then fanboys could chop off our little pricks and XVideos itself could sue us. Still, we are determined to do our job. Keep reading o ye cummers!

Now, let’s focus on the XVideos homepage. To be frank, we have seen plenty of similar-looking homepages. It does seem like a majority of porn sites use the same homepage design and XVideos certainly does not have the kind of homepage that marks it out clear as a bell from the competition.

While the homepage might look standard, there’s no denying that it has plenty of color, style, and attractiveness. It also has loads of video thumbnails and these can be easily previewed.

The top right has login and sign up tabs, while a pull-down menu in the same area makes it easy to change the default site language and generally tweak the overall user experience to reflect individual tastes. Registering on the site is free and members enjoy a fair number of perks, like being able to upload content. A lengthy search bar can be seen atop the page, with tabs and tags being visible lower down.

Tags include creampie, fisting, cumshot, teen, fucked up family, gay porn and Latina. Tabs take the form of Red Videos, History, Best Videos, Pornstars, Channels, 100% Verified, Profiles and Games.

The Games tab has free to play and downloadable games like Detective Masochist, Wild School, Gods of Hentai, and Lust of Apartment Wives. The Profiles tab permits access to the profiles of amateur folks who shoot porn and post it on the site. These folks are of all genders and all possible sexual orientation.

Getting verified is a big deal here. Once you do, your profile is featured on the Verified tab and you get access to a bigger market for your smut.

The Pornstars and Channels tabs have thousands of channels and tens of thousands of XXX stars, most of whom you have never heard of or cummed to. The Channels tab has 92 pages loaded with channels like Dildo Desires, The Nasty Dude, Crystal Lust, Hood Hoez, Casted Raw, Bangros and Blacked.

On the other hand, the Pornstars tab filled out 213 pages. Just imagine the number of babes, hunks, BBWs, trans and lesbian sluts to be found there. Pornstar profiles have images and vids and some have a very brief bio.

XVideos On The Move

    Just about every kind of video, from every kind of individual, can be found on XVideos. To begin, you can click the search button and type in your search terms. This works wonders because there’s no dedicated Category tab here.

You can also opt to sort videos by using the Best Videos tab, the Pornstar tab or the Channels tab. But there’s no need to go to that much trouble, not when numerous videos are right on the homepage waiting for a cock or cunt to cum to them!

Video titles include Sex In The Park, Hot Black Girl Riding BBC, Addisson Hardcore Debut and Stud Dyke Rediscovers Love Of Dick During Quarantine. Vids can all be previewed and are of all lengths.

We found the embedded video player to be very easy to use. Video quality is reviewable as per user needs and one-click downloads work as advertised, but only for members. And yes, members can leave comments.

What We Think of Xvideos

Frankly, XVideos come has just about all anyone can want from an XXX site. It is like a vast universe of its own where people are given all the tools they need to cum and blow up their XXX organs!

Lots of polish, lack of ads, and a universe-worth of content all combine to make it the site to beat. Of course, you need to become a member to have unlimited fun here, but even without membership, we can guarantee you this site will tear your brain loose from its mounting if you are not too careful!

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