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Xhamster Homemade

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Xhamster homemade

Xhamster Homemade Review

~ Pros ~

There are millions of content available to watch

The site’s design isn’t complicated

Lots of useful online features

~ Cons ~

❌ No option to download videos

❌ There are lots of Ads everywhere

Xhamster Homemade

    This site is so popular among wankers everywhere that I don’t even think I can troll y’all about how you’ll meet hamsters putting on an X-rated strip show for you beastiality lovers who definitely have a whole FBI department dedicated to monitoring your unholy activities.

    I am here once again as The Porn Guy you can trust. If you don’t trust me I’m just gonna have to meet your moms with a package that may or may not have my dick in a hole. I am here to deliver my Xhamster.com review, so pay close attention or your mom gets the dick package.

Hammering Your Dick To Xhamster Homemade!

    As I have already mentioned, you aren’t gonna find any videos of hamsters wearing thongs. If you’re into that, your best bet would be to fuck off to the dark web and give that FBI department more work in documenting you, the king of perverts. Xhamster has no animal violence. All you might get to do here is spank the monkey but we are all guilty of that particular animal violence.

    I have come with sacks full of jizz that need to be offloaded by the time I am done here, if not, heads are gonna roll.
Today, I am not in the mood to see any of the professionally made porn that is done in the studio with a small army as their crew. No, what I am here to find is homemade smut that has a real-life touch to it that makes us wanna touch ourselves in real life.

    As with other porn sites, I was made to acknowledge that I am up to 18 years old or older. I have been choosing that I am up to 18 years old since before I grew hair on my nutsack so I am not too sure this security question is meant to do anything. All it does is annoy me because I should have been balls-deep into the homemade section by now if this little detour hadn’t shown its face.

    I finally got to the homemade section after skipping the homepage and all its many seductive thumbnails. I would not be sidetracked even if a nuclear warhead was edging closer to my location. I must have this homemade smut, and I must have it right now! When I got to the homemade section, the first thumbnail I saw featured a young guy and a real 72-year-old BBW woman. This wasn’t the start that I was looking for.

Wanking To Homemakers On Xhamster Homemade!

    I skipped over that thumbnail carefully without touching it so it won’t mistakenly load a short clip of it and kill my appetite for anything porn related. When I looked up to distract myself for a bit before going to the thumbnails, I was shown Ads that looked every bit like they were part of the site. I was more than a little confused to see that there was a “Penis stretcher method” thumbnail as an Ad. You really can’t catch a break on this site!

    The next homemade porn video that I checked out was named “Ultimate prostate massage” and thankfully, it wasn’t that hard on the eyes apart from being low quality as hell. But that is what you get when you sign up to watch homemade content. The woman was using a strap-on to fuck the guy in his asshole while wanking his dick as if she wants to milk him like he is a horny cow.

    When you’re on the page for viewing the porn video, they have a couple of tags that are related to the video you’re watching. So if the lady you’re watching has tits that need a cart to be carried around, then you’re gonna see “huge fucking tits” under the name of the porn video. They also have the nationality of the actors posted there, as well as their names in case you want to beat your poor overused meat some more to their content.

    What I did notice in the homemade section is that some of the porn videos that they are marketing as homemade are really just badly made professional videos. There was a porn video of two “step-sisters” massaging the shit out of each other’s cunts and I watched it for a little bit, and with all the bad acting I saw, I am very positive that some of the professional porn videos here are masking as homemade shit.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Xhamster

    Xhamster isn’t the perfect utopia you would wish it to be thanks to Ads and other bullshits. Sometimes it feels like the site is run by hamsters but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to deliver quality homemade porn. I found the site easy to navigate and well-designed for a site that should be growing grey hairs on its balls by now. I’ll definitely be back in the nearest future and since I am recommending this site, I know you’ll be there too, you untamed wanker.

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