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XFantazy Massage

Free Site


XFantazy Massage Review

~ Pros ~

There are millions of videos uploaded

There are a lot of tags for you to choose

Most of the videos come in HD

~ Cons ~

❌ Navigating the site might not be easy

❌ You’ll meet stubborn Ads

XFantazy Massage

    We’ve all had a time when we were fantasizing about our ex. Usually, for me, this fantasy involves putting them in a sexy bunny suit and fucking them like the horniest rabbit in the entire world.

    I know I am not the only one that has imagined that shit, and if you haven’t, I bet you’ve already found your lotion and you’re rubbing your meat to the idea of it. If you need assistance with your wank session, my Xfantazy.com review is here to check out if this site is a safe space for your cock.

Real Smut Or Just A Fantazy?

    I’ll be honest with y’all, this isn’t my first time on Xfantazy. I have vague memories of cumming to this site to find some smut that I couldn’t find on another site because the other sites had suddenly chosen to become saints and hide the smut from everyone. So this is like a grand return for me and I would have appreciated it if there was some champagne and my own personal dick wanker who could be any famous porn actress.

    The site’s homepage is a little different from when I was here last, so for me, it is like looking at the girl that you put in the friend zone when she looked like Shrek’s mother but now that she had a BBL, and a boob job, you see her in a different light. Their background theme has gone dark and they’ve added a mascot to their logo. The mascot could’ve been titties with a face but instead, they chose a heart that is shaped like a smiling little demon.

    The search icon displays that there are up to 2,344,108 videos there. Below that is a bunch of their tags like; Shemale, Japanese, Femdom Movie, Big tits, Indian, etc. This site clearly doesn’t want you to waste any time beating about the bush when you can go straight to beating your meat. I clicked on one of the tags and was taken to another page filled with the particular smut that I ordered.

    I looked below to find the thumbnails of the porn videos that are normally displayed on the homepage so that users would go straight for what catches their attention, but I didn’t see any such videos. This site is trying a different approach. They only display categories that all have their own thumbnails. So once you click on the one you want, you’ll be taken to the page filled with the content.

Xperiencing The Massage Smut!

    I tried to read their “About us” section and I instantly regretted it. I think they are trying to fit a novel into that section and I would need to swallow 10 Adderall pills to even read just the beginning of this long-assed speech that could’ve been written in just a few stylish words. If you manage to read it all and you’re still sane, contact me for your prize of a fairly used Fleshlight.
I am heading straight to watching some porn!

    Today, I’m not coming here for my regular dose of the smut that used to bring me here. Today, I am feeling exhausted and it only makes sense that the porn that I will watch would reflect what I know my balls desires in its heart. I go for massage porn and thankfully, there seems to be a shit ton of videos here that match my enthusiasm for the smut.

    It didn’t take too long for me to remember why I kept this porn site in the past all these years. They have Ads! Dirty fucking Ads that are so stubborn that even when you click on it to leave, it’ll only show you more ads. It’s almost as if I am in an Ads convention that I didn’t sign up for. Even my browser’s ad block wasn’t strong enough for these fuckers.

    For the sake of heroism, bravery, and y’all, I decide to forge on with reviewing this site. Also, I admit that I wanna wack the shit out of my meat to some massaging content and I am already in too deep. The video I watched was in HD and it featured an Asian actress that already started moaning loudly even before the masseur touched her because that is just how Asian porn actresses do. I found loading the video to be easy as well.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Xfantazy

    Going back to this site was like meeting that old friend you haven’t met in a long, long time so you both just burst into tears and use the wet tears as a lube for the absolute fuck-fest that is about to go down. I found the site to be more upgraded than before and the fact that their porn videos have increased drastically from what I remember just means that they are constantly adding new smut. Without a trace of nepotism, this site gets a recommendation from me!

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