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Xcum Review

~ Pros ~

Easy to grasp

Site is eye-catching

Free porn

Good video quality

~ Cons ~

❌ Site design could be better

❌ Not many full-length videos


    A porn site called Xcum? What in the blazes is the world cumming to! We sure have seen sites with incredibly creative and inventive names, but Xcum just might take the cake as the cheesiest of them all.

    Is your X cumming, or about to cum sometime soon? If you you are to be congratulated! Why not read our Xcum.com review and get to see what this cumming site has to bless your twitchy cock with!

Straight To The X

    The Xcum homepage is most definitely not a looker. It is standard, looks dated and lacks pizzaz.

    Video thumbnails of a fair size can be seen on the homepage and there are enough of these to make us wish a fresh pussy we could dive into was nearby!

    These thumbnails lack titles or whatever. They could be pictures for all you and I know. Click them though and they will play.

    The topmost part of the page has links to other XXX sites on the same network as Xcum. Yes, Xcum belongs to a network and this network has only one aim- to milk the holy cumming juice out of all your holes!

    The left corner of the page has a pull-down menu with an extensive collection of XXX categories. Gangbang, Orgasm, Small Tits, Sports, Crying, Ebony, Babes and many more are there. A little way from this is a smallish search bar, with login and registration tabs on the right corner of the screen.

Finding The Xcum Equation

    For some reason, Xcum.com lacks main tabs. We mean the usual main tabs. The only tabs we could see here are actually porn categories like 1080p, Anal, Mom, Pornstar, and Teacher.

    By this time our cocks were dying to get freaky and so we freed them from their confines and let them roam to smell out some good pussy! We clicked on the video thumbnails on the homepage and got sample titles like Nude Blonde Gagged and Fucked In Serious Casting XXX, Perfect Threesome Makes The Hot Mistress To Reach Insane Orgasms, Blonde Wife Fucked A Lot & Jizzed In Perfect Manners and Serious Hard Sex With Shy Looking Casting Babe.

    Vids on this site load fast and play smoothly and the video player is both basic and delightful. Quality is variable and can be selected, with 360p, 720p and 1080p being available.

    Once a video is clicked, a new tab is opened and other related videos appear at the bottom of the page. Hovering a cursor on these will play a preview, which is not the case with the content on the homepage. Vids usually have a short description that tells you what you need to know without actually watching the action and fingering the holy molly out of your holes and organs!

    Top Brunette Ass Ravished In Complete Anal XXX Play was one of the many videos we messed around with. This vid was 7.33 minutes long. We don’t really need to tell you what happened in it, do we?  

    In case you are curious, just know that a slutty bitch got so ass-fucked by a massive boner that we are doubtful if we are shitting anything substantial for a few weeks! What big boobs she had!

What We Think XCum

    There are several shortcomings here, from underwhelming site design to undated vids. However, Xcum does boast thousands of hardcore and 1080p vids you don’t need to sell your soul to pay for and this alone makes it a nice pick any cumming day!

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