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r/WhenItGoesIn Review

~ Pros ~

A good number of video content is posted daily

Relatively active community

Large community

Free to join

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Little to no hardcore content available

❌ Only straight porn content is allowed


You fappers can agree with me when I say, nothing beats that very first moment you slide into the pussy. The wetness from the outside. The ever-chilling warmth of being inside. Heavenly! This feeling is unmatched. Not even your sex doll is capable of giving you this premium experience. And is it just me, or does anyone else ever just feel like leaving the dick there at first penetration, just to take in all that pussy warmth?

Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I’m not the only one. After all, like the people in the West African country called Nigeria say, ”something must kill a man!” and it could be an amazing tight wet pussy. Not gonna lie! I’m sure you lots have different positions you’d love to slide in from. Mine is from the back, when she’s bent over and spreading that pussy wide for me to go in. It’s fucking sensual! So, grab a seat, I’m about to bless your eyes with a review of this faptastic community that is dedicated to serving you contents that further appreciates the moment of pussy penetration; otherwise phrased “when it goes in!”

Just Fucken Fap To Reddit WhenItGoesIn

    This is an NSFW community that is dedicated to bringing you contents specifically on the first moment your hard dick penetrates a woman’s wet, slippery pussy; with a few exceptions made for videos that involve the use of dildos. This sub is all about appreciating the moment “when it goes in” and it offers you nothing short of that content.

WhenItGoesIn was created in January 17, 2016 for fappers like me and you with a penchant for initial pussy penetration. It has over 824k members, and is relatively active. More than 30–40 submissions are made daily for your fapping pleasure. And guess what? All of these submissions are in video format! So, if you would like to mentally relive that moment when your dick went into a soft wet pussy, then this community is the best place to be.

Fuck With Love To r/WhenItGoesIn

    Free to join: first and foremost, it might interest you to know, you need no verification to join this community. You can as well contribute to the collection by sending in submissions of your own. But they must be videos of dicks in chicks only. This goes a long to align with the theme of community: “when it goes in.”

Video contents: this is my favorite thing about this community. It’s videos of fuckers sliding their dicks into pussies all through! They are either sliding it in from the back or in missionary position. Even videos of chicks holding the dick and pushing it into their wet pussies are featured too! Or are you the kind that loves anal penetration? Don’t trip, r/WhenItGoesIn has got you covered! It gets better and better with every scroll, you could never get bored of it. You will sure have a great time fapping to these videos.

Direct links to GIFs only are allowed in the community. This way, you can watch the videos at once, without having to swim through different browser traffic and ads.

Relatively active: this community is fully stacked with videos for your fapping pleasure, with over 30–40 posts made daily. You can bet other fuckers like you are on there dropping juicy comments on each video they come across that catches their fancy.

Minor Concerns

    There are little to no hardcore contents: for those who like to see a little rough action, there’s a shortage of clips on this category. So, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Only straight porn: the rules here strictly advise posting of contents that show men fucking women only. So, there’s no room for queer contents on the community. There are other subs for that purpose anyway.

Mostly Caucasian women: video entires consist mostly of Caucasian women. So, if you are into diversity and such, you might not really find much on that end.

Shortage of dildo clips: videos of women using the dildo are only allowed as an exception, hence there might not be as much entries showing the use of dildos for those of you fuckers who love to watch a women play with her toys.

What I Think Of WhenItGoesIn

WhenItGoesIn is quite iconic for how it sticks to video submissions only. Knowing very well thirsty fappers like you and I will not stop going from video to video to video, all in a bid to satisfy our fapful desires. With over 30–40 entries per day, there are no dull moments on here.

Surely, little to no convincing is needed to get you plugged into this wholesome NSFW community. The mere sight of seeing “when it goes in” puts you immediately in the mood for action. Your dick goes hard at first sight. Do well to lubricate though, don’t go ripping off the skin of your innocent penis in the name of fapping.

WhenItGoesIn, WhenItGoesIn

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