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WatchHentai Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads, in varying quality no less

Reasonably regular content updates

Good selection of content

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Not an intuitive place

❌ Wack playback options

❌ Meh site design and layout


    There you have it ladies and gents. We all have been commanded to watch hentai or perish. Got enough gumption to disobey this commandment? Well then, I better be getting ready for your funeral and here’s to hoping your big booty female friends will show up and twerk pantyless on your casket!

    Okay, enough playing around. Here is my Watchhentai.net review. Read it and weep while a thot is giving your favorite cock a bit of plumbing with her favorite molar!

Watch, Learn and Finger The Fuck Out Of It!

    Watchhentai has the same basic design that I have long grown tired of, plus a black background color that’s too deep for my liking. Here you have a homepage filled with thumbnails that cater to varied genres and atop the page are some main tabs. There’s an About Us too and it is located at the bottom of the page. This was either written by a newbie or someone who’s not a native English speaker, but it does convey the aim, objectives, and features of this site well enough and I will give Watchhentai a 4/10 score for site design and layout.

    A search bar is perched at the top right corner and next to it is an icon that lets you either login or register. The search function here is unsurprisingly basic and you can register for free at any time. Disappointingly though, being able to add content to your list of favorites seems to be the main use of a Watchhentai membership card. For real, I thought the fellas behind this place might be sharing mint Benjamins and T-bone steaks to fellas that sign up!

    The site features are also something of a disappointment. They are Home, Trending, Series, Episodes, Uncensored, and 2023 tabs, with the latter taking you to everything that was added this year. But there’s only 2 frigging pages of that. The Uncensored page is a bit better in that it holds just over 14 pages of content and that rocks because I really hate watching hentai in which cunts, tits, and pricks are blurred out like it’s being shown to a Sunday School audience full of holy rollers on weed.

    Anyway, the rest of the main tabs do what they say, and the Series tab in particular has a pull-down menu that allows quick access to varied genres, from blackmail, creampie, horny slut, and rape to femdom, incest, and school girls. It might be just me, but I feel a category tab would have been a better investment. And I better note that when you access the Episodes page and scroll down, at the right will be a set of years from 1984 to the present, and clicking on any year will let you access content from that year. That sure is neat, but like I said, a category page would have been a better and more logical investment.

Watch and Prey!

    So, it just so happens that there are 17 pages of the rape genre on Watchhentai.net. Dunno if I should give the local FBI office a ring and alert them of the fact that some toon cunts are getting ripped apart and something needs to be done to salvage the virgin toon cunts that’s left! Twin Dolls, Dragon Rider, Angel Blade, Lewd Room, City of Sin, Izumo, Crimson Climax, and Magical Moe are some of the titles in that collection and before y’all ask, no, I did not watch any rapey toon video here, mostly because I value the everlasting purity of my innocent eyes and soul!

    In the trending section are titles like Isekai Yarisaa, Nier: First Assembly, Ane Wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu, Mesudachi the Animation, and Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu. There was only 1 episode of the Nier video and to watch it or any other video here, you gotta turn off your adblocker, that’s if you got something like that on. But turning off your ad-blocker will get you triggering pop-up ads with almost every click here and that can be as frustrating as trying to fuck a puckered asshole with a limp dick!

    Nier has a 23-minute runtime and a sci-fi theme. It looks very okay, but the playback quality -480p or HD- was not user-adjustable. But it is adjustable in some videos. Nier is also not captioned and you cannot fast forward or rewind it without either triggering an ad or resuming playback from the beginning and that gets tiring after a while.

    Anyway, in the Nier video, the female protagonist gets bent over a table and fucked in both the ass and cunt by a couple of rotating metal bits. That should have been hella painful, but she genuinely seemed to enjoy herself. A few seconds after that metallic excavation, a couple of androids showed up and one fucked her from the back, while the other stuck its metallic cock down her gullet. Those two androids fucked this bitch in the same hole at the same time, fucked her holes one at a time, and generally delivered the kind of brain-melting fuck that only legends like Johnny Sins are capable of! And at the end, they released blue fluids in her.

    Think that’s all? Well no. That bitch still had the gumption to fuck a rather disgusting monster that looked like something out of Venom. I was about to start feeling sorry for this toon slut and her holes, but she went and got into an entanglement with a beast that looked like a Real Steel combatant and I have never witnessed anything take the kind of hammering that she did then.
For sure this hentai was rather intense and is something to check out if you are the type to fantasize about T-1000 capturing and fucking the ever-loving apocalypse out of Sarah Connor!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Watch Hentai

    This place has a good enough hentai selection, but the fact that you must expose yourself to a hella lot of ads before you can view anything here does not sit very well with me. But then you can always download any video you want and watch it at leisure and that balances it all out I guess.

    Anyway, I cannot recommend Watch Hentai. It is too stressful a place and is worth a brief stay at best.

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