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ViviPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Huge variety of porn categories

Highly diverse content

Many language options

High-quality videos

Huge number of videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Crazy amount of Ads

❌ Website design unattractive


    Step into the wet wild world of unfiltered internet porn on the World Wide Web. Sure the floors are made from dried and hardened cum but you’re definitely gonna like what you see. Your tour guide today happens to be the best because your tour guide happens to be The Porn Guy.

    Today boys and girls, we are going on a field trip. So, bring along your raincoats and make sure to ask permission from your privates because it is gonna be truly hard out here. We’ll be exploring Viviporn together to check out if you should make this the 69th porn site to add to your shameless collection. You’re certainly gonna be in good hands for this trip because these hands get exercise every day and night, during a thunderstorm or hurricane, as long as there’s a super erotic porn site ready to be surfed. Let’s see if Viviporn here would be worthy of being included in my daily exercise and yours too.

Asian Porn in the Front Seat

    I have arrived on the website hoping to find the type of content that would be spicy enough to leave me sweating, crying, and saying I’m never gonna do this again while knowing I’m definitely gonna do this again. And would you look at that, my wish has been granted! I see enough Indian pornography to make me wanna burst into song and have a whole dance sequence like those Bollywood movies that take about 4 hours to finish. Bet you weren’t expecting The Porn Guy to know his culture but your dick would take you far and wide in this vast beautiful world if you let it.

    The ads on Viviporn just ended the dance sequence abruptly mid-dance. These things are everywhere! It’s a bad case of internet herpes and I came in here unprotected. They come in all shapes and sizes just like genital warts. They’ve even got video ads that show short porn scenes to you. So be sure to come to this porn site with plenty of protection like an updated Ad blocker or condoms.

    As I mentioned before, Indian pornos are royalty here but they also look out for diversity. We’ll talk about diversity later because we’ll have to first note the golden rule of porn surfing. If you’ll check the first chapter of your wank books you’ll see that it’s important to know the ratio of amateurs videos compared to professional ones in order to cop a feel of this how this porn site’s vibe would be.

    Judging by the first thumbnails I’m seeing on the part of the porn site called “Vivi’s porn videos”, you’re in for a treat if amateur content is what you get your rocks off to. And boy are they amateurish! The first 4 videos are tagged; Students, Village, Step family, and Forced. So I’ll let you do the judging by yourself from there. Below those videos are a lot of other videos that the owners of the porn site expect to tempt you irresistibly with. For example; just below the first four videos there’s a thumbnail showing a young Indian man wanking off a huge great-grandmother. This porn site sure knows how to keep it fresh!

What Surfing Viviporn Feels Like

    We have reached that part of the review where The Porn Guy gets his BDSM toys and tools. Yeah, you guessed it, I am about to tie up Viviporn, look at her up real closely, and whip her till she shows me how she works. If that turned you on then I would like you to know that your therapist just called concerned because he misses his favorite client and he said something about “you should take your meds”.

    Apart from wanking and reviewing this porn site I am playing a little game with myself where I would be choosing categories and sections at random so I can make an honest woman out of Viviporn. So, with fingers crossed and a boner reaching the skies, I close my eyes and use my index finger to randomly select the German porn category. Hopefully, I made the right choice and I am in for some Gutten Wanken.

    It turns out that I made the right choice. I came in here expecting 6 or 9 German pornos at best but they have surpassed my expectations by miles. Remember how I said this porn site still cares about diversity? This is what I mean! There are close to 40 porn videos tagged as German porn. Now I don’t know about you but that’s enough to appease my Sausage if I’m craving a less spicy option from the overdose of Asian content on the porn site.

    The categories aren’t the only part of this website showing skin, you gotta explore her more to find out what she really has to offer you. That’s why you have to take the advice of all the females in your life and go deeper. If the crazy amount of alphabetically listed categories in the section named All Porn Archive doesn’t do it for you, Viviporn has partnerships with other porn sites to take your extra horny ass to other partnered porn sites.

    Like a magician, for my final act, I’ll watch a full porn video on this porn site just for the experience of it. I have just put on my napkin just in case this gets messy. And messy it got. After attempting to play a video and being locked out of it because I’m apparently supposed to click on an Ad first, I gave up on that experience. You win this one Ads my old archenemy. Anyway, scratch my earlier statement. Instead, like a real magician, watch me disappear from here.

What The Porn Guy thinks of Viviporn

    Viviporn might not be the greatest porn site to introduce your meat to when you’re desperate and bursting for a quick quality jerk-off session but it does have its charms. It’s a hybrid of super low-quality homemade videos that creep you out and high-quality indie porno videos that makes you wanna start a family with them. You’re just gonna have to see for yourself if this porn site gets your wank of approval.

    So, boys and girls, this is where your super fun field trip with The Porn Guy ends. Don’t waste your liquids crying because we both know that it’ll be better spent doing something else.

ViviPorn, ViviPorn

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