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VintageTube Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of porn from decades ago

Lots of porn categories

The site is completely free

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Not good on mobile

❌ Updates not regular

❌ Lots of porn from other sites

❌ Some images are incomplete

❌ Some thumbnails are deceptive


    VintageTube.XXX has enough classic porn to put the devil to shame! This is where to watch old but still exciting porn, featuring masters and mistresses that make the present crop of pornstars look like silly amateurs with thumbs up their pert asses! There are enough hairy pussies on show here to make a bonfire that can be seen from outer space and hour-long movies are a very common occurrence…. Here’s our VintageTube review, sweet and vintage it is not!

The Sauce In The Vintage!

    The site look is as dated as your grandma’s fashion sense, but that is easily forgivable because this is a vintage-focused site. The site design is however relatively colorful and well thought out and things here are intuitively arranged so that you get the hang of it all rather fast.

    The first thing atop the VintageTube homepage is a search bar and at the right of this are social media links. The main tabs come next and these are the Home, Latest, Most Viewed, Categories, Models and Live Cams. To the left is a listing of top XXX categories, while the homepage is filled up with thumbnails of the latest vids.

    The Live Cams tab leads to an off-site live cam site. The Models tab has the most comprehensive collection of vintage models. These can be arranged by popularity, alphabetically, highest rated or by the most viewed. Featured babes in this section include Jane Baker, Rebecca Lord, Jenna Jameson, Anna Malle and Laura Angel.

    The latter babe looked like she chewed through cocks for a living and that motivated us to click her picture thumbnail. We didn’t get to see a bio of her, but did get links to all 7 movies she has graced with her pussy juices!

    Most babes in the Model listing have bios no matter how brief. So we are guessing Laura is one of the few exceptions, but what fabulous breasts she has!

All-Consuming Vintage Action!

    While there’s a ready listing of xxx categories to the right of the homepage, a much more thorough is posted in the category tab. Sample categories include Blonde, HD Videos, Group Sex, Italian, Hairy, Classic, Double Penetration, and Lesbian. Each of these categories comes with tags that let viewers know how many videos each has at hand.

    We almost dived head-first into the Italian category, hoping to see some long-legged Italian sluts get their comeuppance, but remembered the masses of vids on the homepage. Back to the homepage we went.

    These vids are arranged in sections and hovering a cursor on them will play a preview. The Videos Being Watched is the first section, followed by the Newest. The very bottom of the page has a selection of male and female models who have the distinction of having starred in the most XXX vids. A round of applause for these noble individuals for their contribution to the cumming endeavors of mankind!

    We clicked the Latest tag and got a host of the latest vids. The dates they were uploaded are not made available though, so we can’t say how recently they were uploaded.

    Sample titles in the latest video category include Greatest Mommy Of All Time, Hot Sailor Nails His Spouse, Kinky Bondage Spanking and Japan Retro. The latter vid is more than 2 hours long and shows a couple of Japanese cuties dressed as schoolgirls fingering their coochie and letting cocks taste their pussy juice.

    The embedded video player on this site is perhaps the most basic ever. Video quality varies, though there are some pretty good looking ones. As for video lengths, that depends. Most though are reasonably long and there are plenty of full-length ones.

What We Think

    No ads, loads of free porn, plenty of sexy bitches and enough hot pussies to arouse a long-dead saint make VintageTube.XXX the kind of site we feel obliged to rave about. Better bookmark it if you know what cum is good for you!

VintageTube, VintageTube

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