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UkPunting Review

~ Pros ~

ukpunting, UkPuntingUnited kingdoms #1 Escort review site

ukpunting, UkPuntingHundreds of reviews submitted everyday, talk about a community!

ukpunting, UkPunting You"ll surely find reviews of every escort and parlor in UK here

ukpunting, UkPunting“Search Posts"  tab so you can type in any escort or parlor name

~ Cons ~ 

ukpunting, UkPuntingNo escort ad’s here? Most of these dudes use

ukpunting, UkPuntingI’d rather be banging then reading, But hey those Brit’s love forums

    UKPunting advertises itself as the best sex review and discussion site anywhere on this galaxy. Basically, it is all about guys hiring hookers and escorts and then reviewing the quality of these services once their cock has been sucked dry by these escorts and sex workers. These reviews will help horny dudes like you decide if a particular escort or hooker is worth blowing your money on and spending time with.

    If you live in the British Isles and need quality escort reviews, join us as we research what can do.

Pussy Punting Made Easy!

    UKPunting started far back in 2010. That’s a long time but it still feels like yesterday. The site was begun by a fellow who bought sexual services on the regular and couldn’t find a way of reviewing the quality of these services for other buyers.
The site is run for free by the owner, who doesn’t charge a fee to users. Instead, he pays for all running expenses out of his own pocket, solely because he wants everyone to enjoy the best escort services money can buy. What a chap!

    We will begin this review with the homepage. It is as bland as a glass of water and as colorful. It appears designed to mimic the looks of forums of old, which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

    There are login and registration tabs displayed at the top left of the homepage and registration is free as air. There’s also a discussion and review board, site stats and a list of members currently online. When we logged in, around 1044 guests and 409 users were online, which is good.

Punting And Ranking The Pussy!

    We have never been known to say no to free things and are not about to start. So, we tried to register on the site, only to get a message that registration was currently disabled. Imagine our disappointment and our cries of sorrow!

    We made the best of the hand we were played and looked at the forum topics on the homepage. These range from discussions of UK news to reviews of escorts both in the UK and abroad. The UK Punting section, for example, discusses scams, sexy pictures, prices for services rendered and even the novel coronavirus. Escorts, their beauty, sexiness, trustworthiness, price structure, cleanliness and more are reviewed too. Reading these reviews can be quite eye-opening and entertaining too, cos you get to hear of fights, thefts, robberies and more committed by escorts and know which to steer clear of and those that are worth the money.

    There are three other forum sections, with the Punting Abroad section discussing events in regions like Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. Sample topics in the Asia region, for example, include Dubai: Massage With Extras, Phuket Short Time, Finding Thai Girls near Phuket Airport and Israeli Strippers Outraged By New Bill Equating Them To Prostitutes.

What We Think

    The site has lots of entertaining escort reviews written by those who really have no ax to grind and merely want their fellows to not waste time hiring shitty escorts. More, the site design is simple and easy and the complete lack of ads feels like a breath of fresh air. However, the fact that we were unable to register did not put us in the best of moods.

    Overall, we think more sites like are needed and this will improve the quality of escorts services around the planet and make many cocks so happy!