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UFlash Review

~ Pros ~


Clean and simple site design

Lots of user options and sorting options

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads. Ads. Ads

❌ Mostly very poor quality content

❌ Videos are mostly short

❌ Creepy and somewhat illegal videos


One thing there's never a shortage of on this green earth is amateur poon sites. There’s like one of these for every horny wanker on the globe and plenty more are opening shop as I type this review!

Amateur XXX sites serve a variety of purposes that I won’t go into here. But suffice it to say that they present a refreshing difference from all those studio shoots that are too perfectly edited to be believable.

Thankfully, you won’t have to suspend belief and reason to accept and believe most of the stuff on sites like Uflash TV. Here can be seen people like you and I getting fucked till they pee cum and whatnot, jerking off in public and the like. But is Uflash any good? Well, you will have to read my Uflash.TV review to find out for sure!

I Flash And You Flash

    Uflash TV is all amateur and exhibitionist stuff. It’s basically people showing off in public and fucking for your entertainment while filming themselves on low-quality phone cameras. There’s a raw element to it that you can get addicted to.

Now, the site homepage is standard and familiar-looking. You could also call it bold and minimalist. The background color is a stark white, though there are black headers at the top and bottom of the homepage.

The site logo sits at the top left of the page, next to a search bar and a Browse button that when clicked displays top keywords like Cum, Wax, Massage, Asian, Dare, and Indoor, plus top-rated, newest, longest, favorite, and recently viewed male and female videos. Next to this button are the Upload, Log In and Sign on tabs. Membership is free and fast and only members can upload stuff.

Video thumbnails as expected occupy most of the homepage real estate. The bottom of the homepage is however filled up with keywords and links to dating, cam, and XXX sites.

Male It My Lovely

    There’s both male and female porn here and this is divided into sections. Thus, you can click the Browse tab to check out male and female amateur XXX and these are separated. Similarly, the video thumbnails on the homepage are divided into male and female sections. Female flashing videos are seen first, followed by male flashing videos and recently viewed flashing videos. Actually, the whole division thing doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.

Video thumbnails here are not the sort to play when cursors hover across them. They feature a title, runtime, and the number of views. The majority appear to be less than a minute long, but hour+ videos are accessible once you go to the Browse tab and make use of its content sorting features.

Sample titles include Massage Therapist Handjob, Pizza Delivery Flash, Real Panty Sharking, Cumming On Sleeping Cousin, Mature Flash With Cum Leaking, and Changing Room Handjob. Sounds great, right? Well, you will have a little bit of a problem accessing these and other videos on this amateur XXX site. See, Uflash appears to rely on ads to make a living and to view any video you must disable your ad blocker. Doing this will however result in your seeing more ads than you normally do at Christmas time. There's sadly no way around this.

Anyway, I fapped a bit to some videos on the site, as I should in order to ensure I still have a working boner! One of the videos had a title that said Flashing Pussy Ladies, boasted less than a hundred views and was slightly over 2:30 minutes long. It was sweet once I got it playing. Shown was a trip of ladies opening their legs for the camera while in very public places. One Asian slut was even squirting inside what looked like a big store, while a fella a little distance from her appeared interested in what was going on.

Another had a Dick Flash Russian Mature title and was all about a fella touching his cookie in a store while a middle-aged lady yakked away on the phone like 20 feet away. The guy basically chased the lady all around the store with his dick out making her uncomfortable and shit. Not sure if this or most other things on the site is legal, or won't get the person doing it beaten up when discovered, but what is my business.

So, if you are online and a member, you can rate and comment on a video, flag it, download it and add it to your list of favorites. The embedded video player is an extremely basic one and videos are of poor quality, say around 480p if not less. There's no option to dial-up or adjust the content quality, but there's a picture-in-picture option that does what it says.

Update frequency is unclear as videos lack dates. But you can see how many days ago there were added and by whom. That's not the same thing as their having dates. There seem to be lots of videos though, with at least a thousand pages of content being available.

What I Think Uflash

    I don't think you can find the kind of amateur stuff that's on Uflash TV on other porn sites. That's good, or it would be if its content was of better quality, the site not so filled with ads, the videos not so short and so many of them borderline illegal or at least creepy and disturbing.
Well, this is not the kind of site I could recommend. But you are still welcome to take a look.

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